Fire Damage Repair Orange County, California

There’s little in life as terrifying as a house fire. After the fire is knocked down, you must look at what’s left and decide what to do next. If the entire house is destroyed you will need a demo crew to come in and clear your property of wreckage whether you rebuild or not. It all begins with site characterization & damage assessment. You need somebody with experience to safely remove soot and ash while not encumbering the neighbors’. If any building materials such as stone or brick can be salvaged, it would be helpful to get a demo crew with techniques in salvage as well as demolition.

Rebuilding a Fire Damaged Home

Putting out a residential fire may involve hundreds if not thousands of gallons of water and fire retardant. If the water used isn’t dried rapidly, mold can set in and cause even more costly damage to your structures indoor air quality. If you plan to repair and rebuild the house, the first thing you should do is get a crew in with experience in water damage. Andre Abajian has years of experience in moisture damage and demolition. If time has passed since the fire, Andre is skilled to perform any needed mold testing and interior abatement.

Hire An Experienced Orange County Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

After the fire is knocked down and the house is dried, you will need an experienced fire restoration contractor to clean up and repair damaged areas. Because fire causes so much damage, your best option in this stressful situation is to find a skilled contractor with experience in both demolition & structural repairs. Andre Abajian of SoCal Removal specializes in all areas of fire damage repair, including

  • Interior/ exterior demolition
  • Drywall removal/ repair
  • Flooring installation/ repair
  • Site clearing and grubbing
  • Interior/ exterior remodeling
  • Mold testing and remediation
  • General Contracting

Once you call on Andre Abajian and the SoCal Removal team for help, Andre can survey the damage and help you move forward.

Andre is qualified to handle your Orange County, California fire remediation. Construction project such as these require planning, communication and proper execution. When problems arise, you can count on SoCal Removal to remedy your property damage repair situation appropriately.

SoCal Removal Can Turn Your House Fire Disaster Into a Positive Result!

Although nothing can replace treasures such as family heirlooms that were lost in a devastating house fire, Andre Abajian and the SoCal team will turn things around for you. Instead of a smoldering mess Andre can help clean up and rebuild your home to leave it looking better than it was before the damage occured.

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