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Southern California is a remarkable place and one of the most stunning spots in the entire nation. You want your house to embody California’s casual beauty and lifestyle in the best possible way. When considering remodeling options for your Orange County residence, it’s crucial to hire an experienced contractor who can share your vision or introduce new remodeling ideas.

Hi, I’m Andre Abajian. I’ve been directly involved in residential home remodeling in Southern California for many years, forging great friendships along the way. I possess experience in home interior cosmetics, exteriors, and handling unexpected problems that can arise. When removing old cabinets, opening walls, and restoring a home, you often need an asbestos and/or lead-based paint consultant to conduct a survey for hazardous materials. When asbestos is found to be disturbed, Andre is prepared to provide you with a bid to have it taken care of by one of his annual service agreement abatement contractors who will eliminate the hazard safely and legally. As an additional note, I understand the key role that effective demolition plans play in the remodeling process, ensuring a smooth transition from old to new. Whether you want to redo your patio area, upgrade your kitchen and bath, or install new flooring, I will turn your dreams into reality. Give me a call or email when you’re ready to discuss at 949-446-0000.

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At SoCal Removal, the excellence of our work is evident in the results we produce. We’ve contributed to creating beautiful living spaces upgraded to current living standards all over the Orange County area. Our skilled and experienced construction remodeling crews will do the best job available to remodel your personal space. Hardwood or solid surface flooring, framing, electrical, conduit installation, demolition, drywall, painting, and much more, all from one point of contact. Put us to work for you, and let us share your vision.

SoCal Removal is a full-service licensed, bonded, and insured California general contractor ready, willing, and capable of handling challenging projects. Give us a call or send your home project requirements today. Andre will diligently go to work for you by tailoring your needs. It all starts by meeting your budget and a meeting of the minds.

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There are various price grades/tiers of materials to be used as options during a home renovation. We work within your budget and will meet your finish work expectations. There are multiple ways to apply paint to a surface. These coatings may be sprayed, rolled, or brushed. Andre will explain the differences in each trade’s application, guarantee his work, and show up on time. Call SoCal Removal today at (949) 446-0000.

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