Demolition of Aging Orange County Steel Tanks

SoCal Removal, has removed aged structures and holding tanks at Orange County, California. The purpose of the demolition was to either facilitate a removal and replacement or to just remove the item in it’s entirety. Holding tanks lifespan may vary due to corrosion, efficiency and liability.  An enormous amount of mechanical engineering, science, and technology are incorporated in their design for specific use. The type of material held in these tanks may also affect the steels strength.  Interior gases or vapors from hazardous liquids may corrode the inner walls.  Often coatings are applied to the inside and outside at the final stage of the tanks construction or throughout the years to extend the life of each steel tank.

SoCal Removal Local Experts in Demolishing OC Water Tanks

SoCal Removal successfully wrecked a 2 million gallon steel water holding tank for the Irvine Ranch Water District.  The steel tank was used for the purpose of holding reclaimed water and was located in a valley basin area next to the IRWD Baker Water Treatment Plant.  Approximately 10′ of the tank sat below grade and was wrapped with an asbestos sheet that had to be handled by an one of our annual service agreement abatement contractors.  The entire tank was painted with lead based paint which created a hazard while shearing the metal.  Lead hot hazardous paint flakes were safely removed and disposed of legally. The metal was successfully loaded and hauled away to be recycled.  The metal was most likely loaded on a large cargo boat out of Long Beach or Los Angeles and shipped to scrap buyers in Asia from what we were told.  The concrete ring foundation was several feet thick and encumbered with thick steel re bar.  All of which was broken down and recycled as well.

Steel Holding Tank Demolition – The Challenges

Not only is demolition physical work, it also requires a great deal of safety requirements due to it’s unsafe nature. More often than not, demolition laborers are involved working in physical and  health great health risk environments. Due to that fact, critical Federal and Local Safety regulations must be followed at all times.

OC Water Tank Removal – Guidelines and Safety

On the Federal side of public safety regulatory bodies there is OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), AQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

While wrecking this steel tank for IRWD several federal and local standards were implemented. Confined space, trenching, fall protection as well as personal protection equipment such as gloves, suits, eye protection, respirators and safety helmets. As for emissions, the South Coast Air Quality District was notified of the demolition project and the abatement of any hazardous containing materials were to be legally removed, hauled away and disposed of. This also involved the manifest of the material from point of source to each destination.

On the State of California and local level of regulatory bodies there was the prestigious Irvine Ranch Water District overseeing their asset and each construction project accordingly.  Cal-OSHA consists of more stringent guidelines specific to the State of California for construction laborer and public safety.

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