Hi, I’m Andre Abajian of SoCal Removal. I have extensive experience contracting with clients to safely remove lead-based paint in order to help keep Orange County properties safe for occupants and our demolition crew. Because lead paint is so hazardous when ingested or if the dust is inhaled, it is best to work with a company whom is EPA Lead Paint Renovation-certified.

We have made many friends over the years with our local DOSH licensed lead abatement contractors throughout Southern California.  They all have their niches and more often than not dealing with a company like SoCal Removal will alleviate your Orange County lead-based paint hazards quickly and efficiently.

If you think your property may contain lead-based paint, call me anytime at (949) 446-0000 for a free phone consult. I will be glad to talk to you about keeping your Orange County property lead-free and safe for everybody, especially pregnant women and children as well as the general public.

Dangers of Lead Paint in Orange County Homes

Paint gets old like everything else. As paint deteriorates and undergoes normal wear-and-tear, it can flake off, and also paint dust can get into the air. Especially if you have young children on the premises, they can ingest the lead flakes and inhale lead dust; children are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning.

Anyone who inhales the toxic metal can cause serious permanent damage to your health. It is practically impossible to be in a building with lead paint and completely avoid being poisoned during a dusty demolition. Lead is dangerous to everybody, but young people are the most vulnerable since they are closest to the ground level while inhaling microscopic particulate matter.

What Can Lead Do to You?

Young children are especially vulnerable to ingesting lead. If you think your child has been exposed to lead-based paint at home or somewhere else, it is a good precaution to get their blood tested for lead poisoning, especially if they show signs of

  • Learning deficit
  • Lower IQ
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impaired growth
  • Impaired hearing
  • Anemia

In rare cases, continued exposure to lead can cause

  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Death

Pregnant women exposed to lead can retain it in the bones as calcium and transfer the lead to the fetus. This could result in premature birth or slowed growth of the fetus. Lead can also be transferred from mother to baby in breast milk.

Lead paint dangers posed to other adults include

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Hypertension
  • High blood pressure
  • Impaired kidney function

In order to avoid the above serious health risks, you should take steps to ensure your home and/or other property which has been painted since 1992 is free of lead-based paint.

How Can I Safely Remove Lead-Based Paint From My OC Property?

Because lead paint removal is risky and dangerous to your health, it is best to have SoCal Removal contract with one of many state licensed consultants whom will survey the extent of lead that may exist. Consultants will typically obtain bulk samples to be lab analyzed or test the surface area with an XRF gun.  These firms/individuals should be antiquated with ASTM or AHERA standards of reporting and documenting findings.  CAC or CDPH certifications are a must have when assessing asbestos or lead hazards. Once the determination has been made regarding a lead abatement requirement, SoCal Removal will have a DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety and Health) licensed expert perform, if necessary, removal of the toxic substance.  In many cases paint is a common coating that may contain lead.  Paint also can easily be flaked off during dusty demolitions depending on the surface it is attached to. A certified expert is trained to recognize what surfaces could contain lead-based paint and can perform safe testing. If the paint contains lead, the surrounding area should be contained while the paint is removed, to ensure that paint-dust and paint-flakes do not contaminate the air and surfaces of the building.  All lead abatement contractors wear extensive personal protection equipment as the removal poses great health risks to the laborer.

Experienced Lead Paint Removal in Orange County – Call Upon the SoCal Removal Team

When you call Andre for lead paint abatement he can handle the entire Orange County construction project. Because Andre is also a general contractor, he can repair and re-paint your building after the safe removal of all lead paint to leave it healthy for occupants and looking better than ever. He will ensure the health and beauty of your property in the best way possible and at a fair rate.

Don’t hesitate to call Andre Abajian at (949) 446-0000 to discuss your concerns about keeping your property safe, healthy and looking good.

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