Mold Remediation of Commercial Property in Orange County

Mold can be a huge problem in a commercial building. It can affect anybody that breathes the air, including occupants, employees, customers, children and animals. It can also damage the structure itself, and if left untreated, mold spreads. Along with the health risks, mold is unsightly and it smells. Who wants to be in a moldy building?

Hi, I’m Andre Abajian of SoCal Removal. I obtained my IICRC certification to perform mold testing and help people and businesses to remediate mold problems. Often when mold and its causes have gone untreated in a building, parts of the structure must be replaced or repaired due to damage.

SoCal Removal’s mold inspection services include testing for presence of mold, both before and after remediation. Once we suspect mold we take air/surface sample(s) to send to a lab for confirmation. Results usually take 1-3 business days. After we’ve established what species of mold is present, we can execute a remediation plan and restore the building to healthy air quality.

Mold Removal in Orange County – The Elimination Specialists

Once the mold problem is solved, SoCal Removal can repair many types of damage, including water/mold damaged

  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Paint

We will leave your building healthy, sound and as attractive as ever.

Call the Mold Inspector With Years of Experience in Orange County Mold Removal

Andre Abajian is an indoor air quality investigator. He can assess even the most complex mold problems to establish what exactly caused the mold and come up with the best solution for proper mold remediation in any local residence. Many times, Andre has been called in after another team completed mold remediation to perform testing and ensure the mold is gone.

For help you can rely on from an Orange County certified microbial specialist. Call SoCal Removal today at (949) 446-0000.

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Commercial Property Mold Remediation & Removal in Orange County