Fire Damage Restoration & Cleanup for Commercial Properties in Orange County

When your commercial property or business has been devastated by fire, you need immediate help. Even if the fire was contained rapidly enough to save your building there’s usually an extensive pile of debris and water damage. Before any debris may be disturbed, a hazardous material survey should be conducted to properly assess how the mitigation should be handled.  Contaminates such as asbestos or lead would need to be removed and disposed of legally. When abatement is complete, SoCal Removal can dry the building materials to prevent additional damage from moisture.  If the fire damage is not handled rapidly, mold and other harmful growths can come into play which will affect the indoor air quality.

Andre Abajian has properly responded to several commercial fire damage restoration needs throughout Orange County over the years.  In many cases the kitchen of a business or sushi bar restaurant may be the root of the cause.  Also, fires may start simply from a garage vehicle battery malfunction explosion.  It all begins with assessment of the incident to bring the structure back to habitable condition.

Skilled Orange County Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Sometimes a fire is not discovered soon enough. Help does not arrive in time to save your property; all that’s left of your building after the fire is put out is a smoldering ruin. In these cases you need an expert who knows how to contain soot and ash to avoid damaging surrounding properties while performing a safe building demolition. It’s critical that asbestos reports follow the standards of ASTM E2356 Standard Practice for Comprehensive Building Asbestos Surveys.

Orange County Business Fire Cleanup Services

Andre Abajian has experience in all phases of fire cleanup, including

  • Soft Interior demolition
  • Full building removal demolition
  • Water damage restoration clean up repairs
  • Mold Remediation and asbestos hazard removals
  • Drywall removal/ replacement
  • Interior/ exterior repair
  • Containment of dust, ash and soot
  • Safe removal of debris
  • Salvage where possible or contents and building materials

Commercial Fire Damage Mitigation For Orange County – Call SoCal Removal

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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration for Orange County Businesses