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The Demolition industry plays a vital role in urban development, clearing the path for progress. It requires expertise, precision, and safety measures to dismantle structures and pave the way for new beginnings.

When you have a demolition project to get done, you need it done right. You need a contractor who has the skills and experience to execute a project and handle any complications that may come up. More importantly, you need a company that you can trust to do the job safely, to comply with California codes and regulations, and complete the project in a reasonable time.

Hi, my name is Andre Abajian and I’ve been working demolition projects for well over a decade. I learned construction and demolition working with my father as a child, and since starting my own company, officially launched in 2013 called SoCal Removal. I have competed some notable commercial demolitions, including but not limited to:

  • Buildings and Structures
  • Shopping Center Signage
  • Asphalt Parking or Storage Lots
  • Steel Holding Tanks
  • Concrete Pavement and Driveways 
  • Large Green Waste and Tree Removals
  • Steel Shipping Containers (Conex Boxes)
  • ADA Access Improvements

Demolition Contractors Who Will Complete Your Project in the Best Possible Way

Commercial demolition projects typically have many parties involved. In addition, there are a lot of rules & regulations which may vary by region. For the most part, these rules are implemented to keep people safe, and to ensure that infrastructures such as buried pipes and electrical lines are intact. It’s common to find deemed hazardous containing materials such as lead and asbestos in older structures. This matter must be disposed of safely and legally. For the most part these hazards we speak of deal with microscopic air particles.  The dust we breathe. Demolition is dusty business.

I demand the same high standards that I go by from everybody who works on a SoCal Removal project, whether it’s a subcontractor or a member of the SoCal team. If there’s a safety issue, I will get it done right and according to the rules.

Experienced Demolition Contractor in Southern California

Do you have a dilapidated structure that requires clean up and demolition for future envisions? SoCal Removal is your California licensed/insured/bonded demolition general contractor. We understand how to abide by the rules and codes of whatever city or location your property is in. If a problem comes up, such as hazardous matter found in a structure we have the certifications to remove and dispose of the hazardous materials safely and according to California code.

We offer a range of demo services including salvage and grubbing, and we can safely remove parts of a building or property or the entire structure. For the above reasons and because of the quality of the work we do, SoCal Removal is one of the most trusted commercial demolition contractors in Orange County.

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CSLB lic#980451

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Ever since I started out in the construction business with my Dad, demolition is one of my favorite tasks. Each demolition job is different and has unique challenges. I will plan and execute your demo project safely and get you the end result you need while saving you as much time and money as possible. You can reach me at 949-446-0000. I look forward to talking to you about completing your commercial demolition job in the best way possible.

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