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SoCal Removal and the demolition of aging Orange County water tanks

Andre Abajian, owner of SoCal Removal, has developed a niche in Orange County, California. It started with a contract Andre landed with the Yorba Linda Water District. The project involved the demolition of a unique city block of historic homes.......

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Lead-Based Paint Removal to Protect Occupants of Your Property

If the inside or outside of your property was painted before 1992, you could have a lead-based paint hazard. Although levels of lead allowed in paint were greatly restricted in 1978, prior to 1992 a reduced amount of lead was still allowed as an......

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Relocating Plants and Warehouses Involves Leaving the Facility in Good Condition

When you’re moving out of an industrial plant or warehouse you want to leave the building in the same condition it was in when you moved in. This involves planning and you will probably begin the move while employees are still working in the......

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Clearing Land for Industrial Purposes

When you need a site cleared prior to building you want an expert who can get the job done on schedule. The best option is to find a local contractor who can handle the entire job, including any unexpected problems that may come up. Andre Abajian......

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One of the Top Industrial Demolition Contractors in Orange County

Andre Abijian of SoCal Removal is a top choice of OC businesses because he is passionate about doing the best work at the fairest price. If you’re looking for a demolition contractor who will work with you to plan and execute your industrial demo......

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