As the County seat, the Demolition industry is at the heart of Santa Ana, California’s vibrant urban development, paving the way for progress. Expertise, precision, and safety measures are crucial to dismantling structures and ushering in new beginnings in the heart of Santa Ana. SOCAL REMOVAL and its owner, Andre Abajian, take great pride in contributing to the improvement of Santa Ana, a city known for its rich history, diverse culture, and unique characteristics.

Orange County, Santa Ana thrives as a dynamic city with a deep-rooted past. As a native of Santa Ana, Andre Abajian understands and appreciates the city’s unique values. Growing up in Santa Ana, he has forged a profound connection to the community, making SOCAL REMOVAL a local business genuinely invested in the city’s development and well-being.

When you have a demolition project in Santa Ana, it’s imperative to get it done right. You need a contractor with the skills and experience to execute the project and handle any complications that may arise. More importantly, you need a company that you can trust to complete the job safely, comply with Santa Ana’s specific codes and regulations, and finish the project within a reasonable timeframe.

Hello, I’m Andre Abajian, and I’ve been involved in construction projects, specifically pertaining to demolition, for well over a decade. I learned construction and demolition working with my father as a child and officially launched my own company, SoCal Removal, in 2013. Growing up in Santa Ana, I’ve successfully completed numerous commercial demolitions right here in Santa Ana, including but not limited to:

Commercial demolition projects in Santa Ana usually involve multiple parties and various rules and regulations that are specific to this vibrant region. These rules are primarily implemented for safety and to ensure the integrity of infrastructures like buried pipes and electrical lines within Santa Ana. Hazardous materials, such as lead and asbestos, are commonly found in older structures and must be disposed of safely and legally, dealing with microscopic air particles—the dust we breathe. Demolition is a dusty business.

I demand the same high standards from everyone working on a SoCal Removal project, whether it’s a subcontractor or a member of the SoCal team. If there’s a safety issue, I ensure it’s addressed correctly and in compliance with Santa Ana’s rules.

Experienced Demolition Contractor in Southern California

Do you have a dilapidated structure in Santa Ana that needs abatement cleanup and demolition for future visions? SoCal Removal is your California licensed, insured, and bonded demolition general contractor specializing in Santa Ana and beyond. We meet or exceed all Santa Ana local regulations pertaining to safe abatement or demolition work.

We offer a range of demo services, including readily available asbestos abatement assistance, salvage and grubbing, and we can safely remove parts of a building or property or the entire structure. For these reasons and because of the quality of the work we do, SoCal Removal is one of the most trusted commercial demolition contractors in Orange County, with a special focus on Santa Ana, California, and beyond.

Give Andre Abajian a call when you’re ready to remove crumbling roads and bridges in Santa Ana at 949-446-0000.

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