Lead Paint, Asbestos and Other Hazards

Older buildings sometimes pose special problems. If a problem which could become a serious health hazard to occupants such as lead paint, asbestos or mold comes up during a renovation or demolition project, I have the training, experience, and certifications to locate and remove the hazard in the best way possible to restore your building to health and safety.

As a certified indoor environmentalist, I can test the indoor-air quality of your building to determine if it’s healthy to breathe. I can locate and remove any contaminants to prevent occupants of your building from getting ill. If left unchecked, contaminants inside your building could lead to Sick Building Syndrome, an unhealthy condition where the air-quality inside your building makes people ill.

General Contractor Services

Frequently the above services go together. For instance, if you’re doing a water damage cleanup, you want someone who can remove the water, repair structural damage like flooring and drywall, and test the indoor air quality to make sure it’s free of contaminants.

Hire a Contractor Who Can Do the Entire Job at a Fair Rate

Andre Abajian has spent his entire life around the local construction business. He understands the common problems property owners face that are frequently interconnected. Andre has worked hard to acquire the training, certifications, and experience to handle most problems as they come up in a job. If there’s a problem Andre cannot handle, he has the local connections to get the best team out ASAP to resolve the issue so the job can go forward.

Andre’s goal is always to offer the best solutions possible and at a fair rate. By hiring a reputable contractor who can handle the entire job, you can save yourself a lot of complications, time and expense.

Finding a Contractor Can Be As Easy as Making a Phone Call

Andre would love to talk with you about your project or a problem you’re having on your Santa Ana property. You can reach Andre at 949-446-0000. He can give you a free estimate over the phone of how much time and money your project will likely cost.

Andre and the SoCal Removal team respond rapidly 24/7 to emergencies like water damage.

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