The city of Orange in California is a very busy epicenter of commerce, business corporations and medical employers. It is also home to the Orange County Transportation Agency whom SoCal Removal has bided demolition work for the highly anticipated OC Street Car Project. Homes and building damage events do occur. You know who to call if so. Restoration by SoCal Removal of property damage, in it’s finest form with just one call to 949-446-0000.

When slow leaks go undetected by occupants for extended periods, musty odors may be apparent. If you think you may need a mold inspector to come check your home or office indoor air quality don’t hesitate to contact Andre at SoCal Removal. The mold species may be determined as well as the concentration of it in the air at the time of test. Once the area of mold damage has been identified, SoCal Removal will provide you with skilled mold remediation and promptly begin property damage repairs. These repairs may involve floor coverings or wet drywall replacements. Exterior fixtures or additions may be removed with proper planning and some muscle. Leave the stress and mess to us by calling 949-446-0000.

The Contractor Who Does a Top Job in the city of Orange, CA

The city of Orange is known historically for being built around the original plaza. Old Town Orange is the largest area in the state of California to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Many of the commercial buildings and residences in Old Town are over a hundred years old and they showcase a variety of styles, including

  • Bungalow
  • Craftsman
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Spanish Colonial Revival
  • Mediterranean Revival
  • Victorian

When you own a home or business in a beautiful historical city like Orange, you need to keep your property in top condition.

Licensed General Contractor Andre Abajian

When you own historical property in a city like Orange, you need a contractor who appreciates the history of the location and is committed to enhancing/ preserving your home or commercial building. If your historic building has suffered damage you need to hire a contractor with experience in restoration, repair and salvage of historic buildings.

If you own a newer property, you need it looking good so that it enhances its surroundings. Whether you need repairs, an emergency cleanup or interior/exterior remodeling of your home or business, I am committed to doing the best job possible to keep your property healthy and looking fabulous.

I’ve done a variety of jobs, big and small for local

  • Residences
  • Commercial properties
  • Government
  • Schools
  • Industry

Whatever size the job is, I welcome each job as a fresh challenge and as an opportunity to help keep Orange County beautiful.

General Contractor Services

I offer 24/7 emergency response if you have water or another emergency inside your building which could cause extensive structural damage. As a certified indoor environmentalist, I can check the indoor air quality of your building to ensure you don’t have mold or other contaminants which lead to Sick Building Syndrome.

Andre is One of the Top Reputable Contractors in Orange County

When you call Andre Abajian you can be assured you are speaking to somebody who cares about your property and wants to help you keep it in A-one condition. Andre and the SoCal team have the licenses, certifications, skill, and experience to help you solve your problems and improve your property in the best way possible, and at a fair rate.

If a problem comes up on the job which Andre can’t handle, he has the local connections to get the best team in to handle the problem ASAP so the job can move forward.

Hiring a Contractor is Easy as Making a Phone Call

Contact Andre Abajian at 949-446-0000 anytime to discuss your project or problem. He will welcome the opportunity to discuss your project, give you an estimate of the time/ money it will likely cost, and see if he can help you solve your problem or achieve your goal.

Andre offers 24/7 emergency response if you have a situation which requires rapid attention.

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