Newport Beach, California, a picturesque coastal city, is home to world-renowned commercial shopping centers, corporate businesses, and grand residential homes. Born at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach in August 1985, the owner of SoCal Removal fell in love with the city and has since witnessed its growth and allure. The demand for quality demolition, water, and fire damage restoration contractors is significant in this local area.

Since 2005, Andre Abajian has been directly assisting several Newport Beach neighborhoods and businesses with satisfactory property damage insurance claim repairs, many of which resulted from water and fire property damage. Property managers have relied on us for essential residential repairs and remodels during times of urgency. SoCal Removal is ready to respond to your construction needs, offering 24/7 emergency fire damage window board-ups, mold remediation, asbestos abatement, and general home remodeling—our specialties. Look no further for a licensed, bonded, certified, and insured demolition and general contractor. SoCal Removal has experience salvaging historical hardware for residential homes in Orange County and is eager to bring your vision of interior and exterior renovation to life.

In Newport Beach, home remodeling often begins with an essential pressure wash of your exterior and much-needed coats of fresh Dunn Edwards paint. Exterior fascia starter boards, roofing eaves, and wood trim may require immediate attention due to dry rot or termite infestation. For all property damage-related issues, whether caused by a burst leaking drain pipe, roof leak, or kitchen fire, we respond appropriately while maintaining open channels of communication as needed. Call SoCal Removal for your Newport Beach Demolition and General Property Damage at 949-446-0000.

Introducing SoCal Removal: Transforming Newport Beach with Precision Demolition

SoCal Removal, your trusted demolition partner in Newport Beach, California, stands at the forefront of the city’s dynamic landscape evolution. As Newport Beach thrives in continuous development and revitalization, our company plays a pivotal role in shaping its future through strategic demolition solutions.

Development Projects:

In synergy with Newport Beach’s vibrancy, SoCal Removal spearheads demolition initiatives aligned with the city’s development projects. Whether it’s clearing space for new constructions or facilitating the rejuvenation of existing structures, our team ensures seamless integration into Newport Beach’s evolving urban canvas.

Renovation and Reconstruction:

Catering to the aspirations of property owners, SoCal Removal specializes in selective demolition for Newport Beach’s renovation and reconstruction endeavors. We skillfully remove specific structures or elements, harmonizing progress with the preservation of architectural integrity.

Compliance and Safety:

Adhering to Newport Beach’s stringent building codes and safety regulations is non-negotiable. SoCal Removal takes pride in being a beacon of compliance, championing safety and environmental responsibility in every demolition project we undertake.

Preserving Aesthetics:

Recognizing Newport Beach’s reputation for picturesque landscapes and upscale aesthetics, SoCal Removal approaches demolition with thoughtfulness and professionalism. Our meticulous practices contribute to maintaining the city’s visual allure, allowing for modernization without compromising its inherent charm.

Emergency Situations:

In times of crisis, be it fire or natural disasters, SoCal Removal swiftly responds to Newport Beach’s call for safe and efficient demolition. Our expertise ensures the removal of damaged structures, prioritizing the safety of residents and preventing further harm to the community.

In essence, the synergy between Newport Beach and SoCal Removal extends beyond mere demolition—it’s a strategic collaboration in the city’s growth, development, and the unwavering commitment to uphold its esteemed standards. Choose SoCal Removal for demolition that transforms Newport Beach with precision and purpose.

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