The vast recreational OC city of Mission Viejo is situated inland of the interstate 5 hwy where athletic parks/sports, shopping, commerce and home ownership come together. Approximately 100,000 local residents each day label Mission Viejo their home. Mission Viejo contains countless employers in the medical, governmental school district as well as private corporation business enterprises. SoCal Removal is proud to be nearby assisting residential homes and commercial businesses with demolition contractor property damage restorations whether necessitated in the interior or exterior.

Backyard dry rotted wood patio decks will need removal and replacement which may lead to good pressure wash and a fresh coat of Dunn Edwards paint coating finishes.  Walls and ceilings will require retexturing or a skim coat. Roof siding fascia starter boards may need replacement from water damage or termites. All of which can be taken care of with one point of contact, SoCal Removal, your Mission Viejo demo and general contractor.

If your house or office has flooded, SoCal Removal is an equipped property damage repair contractor with expertise, tools and response time to aid Mission Viejo locals locate/fix leaks. The interior drying of the dwelling is critical.  SoCal will process insurance claims as needed for complete water or fire damage restoration. Sometimes, water supply lines or drain pipes leak go undetected, the mold growth and odor may become more physically apparent. Mold indoor air quality testing and mold inspection services are available in a timely fashion to identify the edge of mold growth. This helps Mission Viejo residents determine what remediation steps to take and the extent of the indoor microbial issue.

Water Removal is the First Step in Restoring Your Flooded Home

The first step to take in a water emergency is to get the water out fast and make sure your home or business is completely dry. When you call me for emergency services in Mission Viejo I will be out right away with my IICRC certified team of water damage removal experts to get the water out ASAP. First, we will survey the edge of moisture migration. SoCal Removal will use high-power pumps and vacuums to remove free standing stagnant water. Then we begin the drying evaporation process using state-of-the-art equipment dehumidifiers to ensure your building, flooring and walls are completely dry.

Water Restoration Step Two: Cleanup & Repair of Structural Damage

The next step to take after removing the water and ensuring your property is completely dry is repairing structural damage. My goal is always to minimize this step with rapid response to your water emergency. However, in some situations, there’s bound to be structural damage; especially after a calamity like major flooding or saturating your home with hundreds of gallons of water per minute to put out a fire. SoCal Removal your licensed general contractor with extensive experience in interior demolition and remodeling. Experts in improving your home by leak repair, water removal, drying to restore your Mission Viejo home or business completely.

Mission Viejo, CA Water Damage Restoration Repair Service

After your property is completely dry I can remove and replace all structural damages, including

  • Drywall sheetrock replacement, floating, taped and ready for texture
  • Flooring hardwood or stone tile installation
  • Ceilings Recess lights, skim coats, asbestos removal
  • Kitchen Cabinetry
  • Woodwork Carpentry
  • Paneling trim
  • Fixtures Lights, Soffits, Décor installation
  • Painting Interior or Exterior
  • Decks Removal and Replacement
  • Siding Fascia Starter Boards

I offer a variety of options, including custom-built wood cabinetry and customized Brazilian teakwood decks. There are many high-quality options to choose from. We can customize structural repairs to fit your individual style and your budget.

I Can Test Your Indoor Air to Determine if Moisture Caused Mold Spore Growth

Depending on how long your building retained moisture, you may have dangerous microbial growth which is toxic for occupants and could cause Sick Building Syndrome. I am a certified Indoor Environmentalist with IICRC certification and extensive experience in Mold Remediation.

Sometimes moisture goes undetected in a building or in its HVAC system. If you suspect air quality is contaminated in your home or business, I’ll be happy to come out and perform testing. I have the certification and experience to perform all remediation services related to microbial growth and other indoor environmental issues.

Water Damage Cleanup and Complete Property Restoration Service On-Call 24/7

Whatever your water emergency, Andre Abajian is the guy with the training and experience to do the whole job. His goal is always to respond fast, minimize the damage, and leave your property completely restored, healthy for occupants and looking fabulous as ever. He’s available around-the-clock at 949-446-0000 for immediate help in your water-related emergency.

Call Andre day or night for fast, complete emergency water / fire damage restoration service.

Mission Viejo, California

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