Laguna Beach, CA, with its special and historic coastline, is home to SoCal Removal, your trusted partner for a range of demolition and general contracting services addressing property damage issues. Whether it’s a burst pipe, water leak, kitchen fire, or an act of nature, rest assured that our licensed, bonded, certified, and insured team is equipped to handle it all with precision and expertise.

Amidst the picturesque hillside and canyons of Laguna Beach, where homes showcase superb craftsmanship, SoCal Removal excels in meticulous installations of fascia, starter boards, and roofing eaves. For properties with deteriorating wood in back and front yard patio decks, we offer removal or replacement using resilient materials. Our services extend to relocating water heaters to meet local fire code standards, ensuring compliance with Laguna Beach city building and safety permitting. If floor coverings require demolition, we pave the way for a fresh installation of stone tile or hardwood. Addressing mold growth resulting from roof leaks or other issues is also within our expertise.

Certified by IICRC and ACAC, SoCal Removal responds promptly to water leaks and property fire damage, presenting opportunities for complete renovations or remodels. We have a proven track record of assisting business owners on PCH and homeowners with insurance damage restorations and remodeling projects. For a free estimate, call 949-446-0000 and connect with owner Andre Abajian, who will guide you seamlessly from proposal to completion.

SoCal Removal Asbestos Abatement and Demolition Contractor Services in Laguna Beach

In addition to our comprehensive range of services, SoCal Removal specializes in asbestos abatement and demolition contractor services for Laguna Beach homeowners. With meticulous attention to safety and adherence to industry standards, we handle asbestos removal and demolition projects with precision. Our goal is to ensure a seamless process that prioritizes the well-being of homeowners and the integrity of their properties.

Water Damage Restoration in Laguna Beach

In the event of a water emergency, timely action is imperative to prevent rapid damage and complications, including mold growth. Certified by IICRC, I am trained to remediate water damage and mold issues in Laguna Beach. For mold testing or inspections, contact us for fast local Laguna Beach mold detection.

Water Removal is the First Step in Repairing Water Damage

When you reach out for help with your water emergency, SoCal Removal conducts a thorough survey of your premises to devise a plan for eliminating standing water. Using vacuums or pumps, we efficiently remove excess water, followed by meticulous drying and de-humidification of all surfaces. Post-drying, I perform mold inspection and testing to ensure there’s no harmful bacterial growth. As a licensed general contractor, I can expertly repair any damage to your building’s structure, including drywall, flooring, ceilings, cabinetry, woodwork, paneling, fixtures, and paint.

Whether you’ve detected water early and sought help or extensive damage has occurred, I have the experience and certifications to:

  • Remove the water
  • Ensure your property is free of mold or harmful bacteria
  • Repair any damage to your building’s structure
  • Leave your property completely dry, healthy, and looking better than ever
  • Water Damage Repair: Call the Expert Who Can Do the Entire Job for Help 24/7

I respond immediately to water emergencies, understanding the urgency to prevent continuous damage. My goal is to help Laguna Beach property owners navigate property restoration stress-free. After addressing the water issues, we can discuss repairing the damage. SoCal Removal ensures constant communication and dependability throughout the construction process. Call 949-446-0000 anytime for emergency water damage cleanup in beautiful Laguna Beach and beyond.

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