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Water Damage Restoration in Laguna Beach

The best thing to do in a water emergency is to get help right away. Water damage spreads rapidly and causes complications. Because water damage and mold are common, I underwent IICRC training and certification to remediate these problems and restore local properties to health.

Water Removal is the First Step in Repairing Water Damage

When you call me for help with your water emergency the first thing my IICRC-certified team will do is inspect your premises for standing water and get the water out. After the excess water is removed with vacuums and/or pumps, we will dry and de-humidify all surfaces. After the premises are completely dried I will perform mold inspection and testing to ensure that you have no harmful bacterial growth. I am certified to do mold remediation, when necessary.

Lastly, as a licensed general contractor I can repair any damage to your building’s structure. I can repair or replace

  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Ceilings
  • Cabinetry
  • Woodwork
  • Paneling
  • Fixtures
  • Paint

Hopefully, you discovered the water and called for help before the damage spread. However, if there’s extensive damage to your property I have the experience, licenses, and certification to

  • Remove the water
  • Ensure your property is free of mold or other harmful bacteria
  • Repair any damage to your building’s structure
  • Leave your property completely dry, healthy for occupants, and looking better than ever

Water Damage Repair: Call the Expert Who Can Do the Entire Job for Help 24/7

When you call me about your water emergency I will respond immediately. I understand how fast water damage can spread. My goal is to help Orange County property owners solve their problems in the best way possible. After we get the water out and ensure your property is dry and safe, we can talk about repairing the damage. I always try to offer a variety of options so you can find one to fit your budget. Don’t hesitate to call 949-446-0000 anytime for emergency water damage cleanup.

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