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I love the work I do as a local contractor. I see my role as helping Orange County property owners solve their common problems in the best possible way.  Because I am a small business owner, I work directly with you from the time you call me about your project or problem until the project is completed and your problem is solved.

Frequently, a homeowner has called me for help after a disaster like fire or water damage and in the end, they felt that their property was in better shape and looked better than it had in years. Repairing structural damage allowed for some fabulous renovations and improvements which increased the value of their property and helped them to recreate the space they visualized.

General Contractor Services

The SoCal Removal crew has completed jobs big and small for local

  • Residences
  • Commercial properties
  • Industries
  • Government
  • Schools

Whatever service you need for your La Habra home or business, I can do the best job possible and at a fair rate.

One of the Most Trusted Contractors in Orange County

Whether you need your home remodeled or a big building torn down and the site cleared for the next project, Andre Abajian is a top choice for your job. Andre loves Orange County and takes his commitment to helping property owners keep OC healthy and beautiful very seriously. It is his life’s work.

Call 949-446-0000 to speak to Andre Abajian about your project or the problem you are having on your property. He can give you a free phone estimate of the time and money your project will likely cost. You’ll be contacting one of the most reputable contractors in Orange County. Andre is available 24/7 for emergency property cleanup.

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