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Safety is a Top Priority for SoCal Removal

Whether the renovation tasks are large or small, all construction projects have safety concerns. Andre Abajian works hard to ensure that all California and OSHA regulations are met and even exceeded. SoCal Removal never, ever cuts corners when it comes to the safety of the public as well as any laborers involved in our process.

Trenching and Excavation

The removal of large footings, underground metal tanks and sewer lines often require excavation. Can a trench that laborers will access be shored safely? Learn more about soil geology.

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The Importance of Ladder Safety

Dealing with ladders require proper safety procedures and firm planking. Learn more about how we properly get up reach an area needing our attention.

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Scaffolds & Temporary Work Platforms

Scissor, Boom, Spider and Articulating lifts all have one similar thing in common. They all require laborers to be properly harnessed and secure in the event there is a slip or fall while performing construction up high off the ground. Fall protection is not only used while on human lifts.

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Hazards While Welding

Metal welding/torching and plasma cutting involves serious hazards. The heat factor as well as the inhalation of gases will cause serious injury and harm to building occupants when not conducted properly.

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Dusty Southern California Demolitions

Dust and airborne particulate matter pollutes the air we breathe. Learn more about how these substances are best handled by setting up the proper engineering controls before selective demolitions of all kinds.

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Classification Of Soil Types

How many grains of sand are on this planet? Did you know dirt and soils are each classified differently on job sites? Learn more today.

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Confined Spaces

A confined space is defined as a work place that cannot be easily accessed or exited. They often lack proper ventilation which poses serious risks to gases and fumes.

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