Temporary Safety Fencing

Temporary construction fencing is a critical component to maintaining public and demolition laborer safety. The requirement may be necessitated to secure abandoned and dangerous buildings from neighborhood wanderers. SoCal Removal has the skill to determine methods of eliminating many types of hazardous conditions that require temporary construction fencing. Such conditions include stagnant water swimming s, non-secure parcels used for miscellaneous storage, and any imminent safety hazard. Hazardous substance abatement projects which involve the installation of safety engineering controls would be another strong consideration to maintain temporary construction fencing outside of remedial work safety zones.

Temporary Construction Fencing Service

SoCal Removal is a California demolition contractor that will install temporary construction fencing, as needed. The fencing height and specifications are often determined by the local building department however typically they are 6 feet high from the ground with metal posts driven 2 feet into a cohesive soil. Once the posts are installed the metal chain link is securely attached to them and a windscreen is installed to minimize public eyesores as well as maintain zero dust emissions into public right of ways. More often than not the local authority will determine the allowable colors for the windscreen and distance per each post.

Temporary Panel Fencing

SoCal Removal may also install panel type temporary construction fencing. This type of fencing will typically come in 6 foot high and 12-foot wide metal panels that are set vertically onto pedestal platforms that are about 2 feet wide and 2 feet long at the base. Some cities do not allow these types of installations for construction sites. Since these fencing pedestal platforms may cause a trip hazard, the required setback is important.

Temporary Fencing Setup

Typical setback for temporary construction fencing is 2 feet from the public right of way or job site perimeter concrete curb. Construction site access gates are often as wide as possible (12 to 24 feet) and swing both in and out. The access and egress openings are installed and a chain and combo or key padlock incorporated. A pedestrian access gate, if required, would typically be 3 feet wide with all posts 2-3/8” in thickness. All hinges must be an industrial bulldog with 180* swing 2 hinges per gate with one on the top and one at the bottom of each gate support post. A pedestrian access gate may be used for tree protection fencing installs. The posts should have a top which is pressed steel or malleable iron.

Site Safety Fencing

The protection of trees, foliage and historical gardens are important to maintaining the local neighborhood charm. These types of barricades are sometimes 5 feet high made from a standard metal galvanized finish. Any fabric or fencing screen must be a minimum of 1” above the finished grade. The tie wires are 11 gauge steel at every 12” on center.

Most all urban and inner-city exterior demolitions require temporary construction fencing. SoCal Removal has the skill to install these types of safety mechanisms as part of our contractor trades.

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