SoCal Removal was awarded the project by being the lowest most responsible bidder to demolish 5 city owned residential style bungalows.  Two of them were deemed with historical value. SoCal Removal salvaged historical windows, doors, knobs, cabinetry and hardware. Consisted of working for the City of Yorba Linda for the demolition and site clearing of 5 residential homes, some of which had historical significance. SoCal Removal proudly salvaged historical hardware, doors, windows, cabinetry and more prior to the demolitions.  

Selective demolition of these old Yorba Linda homes started with removal of the hazardous containing building materials that most homes had.  Lead based paint abatement was conducted to most of the wood sidings and trims of the abandoned residences. Asbestos was next on the list. Roofing layers, mastics, floorings, insulations, pipes and more were needed to be removed because of asbestos content by a chosen local SoCal Removal annual service agreement licensed abatement provider.

After the successful abatement and clearance testing by State of California licensed consultants, SoCal Removal began the physical demolition of the homes by means of diesel fueled heavy equipment.  Once all the major home debris were out of the way, SoCal Removal also completely removed approximately 17 trees and roots, some of which were extremely large in size.


The final stage of the project was to manually pick up miscellaneous small home debris and trash throughout the several acre job site. The public right of way was kept swept and clean as needed. The parcels of land were rough graded to prevent tripping or injury to public wanderers. If you have a complex residential demolition at the City of Gracious Living, otherwise known as Yorba Linda, CA and surrounding areas, do get in touch with Andre Abajian, owner of SoCal Removal.  He may be reached directly by phone at 949-446-0000. Let’s kick off the land improvement construction process, one step at a time.