These two 5000 gallon steel hot water boiler tanks are to be replaced with a new tankless system.  SoCal Removal was hired to remove the steel tanks and haul them away. This project possessed numerous obstacles such as flammable wrapped insulation, tight work space, and even mineral deposits coated inside tank walls which made it very difficult to use a torch. 

This water closet consisted of a small  yet high ceiling room with little or no ventilation.  Personal protection equipment is ever so critical on projects such as these dealing with sharp metal, heat and lack of ventilation.  The amount of indoor air exchanges in this utility room was increased with the use of ducting, high CFM (cubic feet/min)  blower fans to promote ventilation of harmful gases and particulate matter.   

If you have a steel structure that you would like removed give Andre Abajian a call with SoCal Removal. He can be reached at 949-446-0000.  The wrecking of metal systems and pipes is often dangerous and labor-intensive. If a dependable Orange County demolition contractor is what you’re seeking, look no further.