SoCal Removal responded to a property damage repair incident that occurred in 2019 at the Purple Orchid Vietnamese restaurant at the City of Westminster, CA.  A vehicle rammed into the structure and caused structural damage to a window opening entryway. SoCal Removal coordinated with a structural engineer and obtained demolition, building and safety permits from the City to necessitate needed repairs.  

Property Damage Repair consisted of selective demolition by carefully removing stucco, drywall, insulation and damaged wood frame members.  Repair or restoration work consisted of structural framing, installing a new shear wall, insulation, drywall, stucco and paint. If you have a structure damaged by a vehicle, aircraft or vessel give Andre Abajian of SoCal Removal a call to begin the clean up and repair process ASAP.  SoCal Removal is licensed, bonded and insured. We can be reached at 949-446-0000 CSLB#:980451.