SoCal Removal contracted with the Pomona Packing Plant based out of Pomona, California to eliminate the harmful asbestos roofing layer building materials that the structure contained. This hundred year old large building houses local historical value. The Pomona Packing Plant contains over 20 units with tenants operating businesses of all kinds. The structure is approximately 30,000 sq ft in size. The ownership needed a new roof on this aged building to increase the efficiency of the buildings R-value as well as protection from water/rain.  The roof layer of base sheet contained asbestos and was originally installed about a century prior. This particular demolition consisted of a complete interior and exterior roofing layer asbestos abatement. Critical barrier engineering controls had to be set in place due to the gap between the 1”x6” roof plank deck boards as the base sheet layer of roofing contained significant asbestos containing material and was friable when disturbed. Complex commercial abatement demolitions require an experienced contractor who has a reputation at proper execution of specialized construction tasks while delivering quality service.  

Coordinating with all the tenants whom which occupied individual spaces was a challenge.  Proper teamwork, organization and planning made the process smoother. Furniture and personal contents had to be disposed of legally or HEPA vacuumed and treated by licensed asbestos technicians whom have the knowledge required to properly perform critical tasks which in-turn directly affects the public and our environment. 

SoCal Removal is a demolition and general contractor who is also asbestos certified by the State of California to bid and handle your construction needs. We simply have access to the best methods of legally removing and disposing of hazardous construction debris.  I’m Andre Abajian owner of SoCal Removal. If you require my service call 949-446-0000. CSLB#:980451