SoCal Removal attended a job walk held by the Coast Community College District with about 15 other competing contractors. The Coast Community College District received numerous bids from local contractors of which SoCal Removal, was the apparent lowest, most qualified bidder. The beginning phase of demolition entailed installing temporary chain construction link fencing around the jobsite perimeter.  At the time of this project, July 2019, the Orange County Fair was in season and full bloom. Therefore, the fencing was critical for the safety of people such as, but not limited to the students, the public or county fair goers. 

As an Orange County native, naturally the City of Costa Mesa has always had a special place in my heart with numerous young childhood memories growing up.  SoCal Removal applied lead paint stabilization as needed and where applicable at the Old Recycling Center block concrete walls and wood frame members. There was no flakey paint present.  Prior to demolition the local air quality management district had to be properly notified of the event. It was during this notification waiting period, SoCal Removal contractor Andre Abajian proudly salvaged solar panels, staged the job site, organized heavy equipment deliveries and installed safety components where applicable.

SoCal Removal takes pride in salvaging fixtures for our clients prior a demolition. Approximately 46 solar panels successfully uninstalled on the rooftop of the Old Recycling Center. The panels were delivered to the Coast Community College District for potential future reuse.  Demolition started with the roof of the structure which was mainly constructed by wood frame members. The walls of the Old Recycling Center were concrete blocks reinforced with rebar. Surrounding the ½ acre work area was thick concrete pavement and asphalt.  There were several nearby irrigation lines and storm drain sewers within the vicinity and within project boundaries. SoCal Removal capped needed lines, installed a new street grade high voltage pull box as well. All aggregate material was recycled. 

The grading plans for this project were essential to the overall success of the school districts approved engineered plans.  The subgrade was well below where it needed to be for erosion control methods. SoCal Removal imported quality non-clay like dirt from another jobsite to bring the grade level up and sloped in a particular fashion.  After the subgrade was set SoCal Removal imported countless cubic yards of Cal-Trans Class 2 specification aggregate to spread throughout. This section of land is to be used for future parking of on-site construction workers and even maybe next years OC Fair ground staff.