SoCal Removal was contacted by a new homeowner at one of the Laguna Woods, CA Towers.  The owner had planned to renovate the original non upgraded unit before she moved in to reside. The ceiling and drywall was surveyed for asbestos.  The Laguna Woods Towers engineer had a pamphlet with all the prior testing results of the building as well broken down by unit number which was helpful.  SoCal Removal assigned a work order to the chosen annual service agreement abatement provider for legal notification, removal and disposal.  

After a successful air clearance by a California State licensed asbestos consultant, the homeowner had peace of mind to install new recessed LED can lights to her ceiling to increase the homes interior appeal in all the living areas. If you are planning to renovate the interior of a residential or commercial space, give Andre Abajian with SoCal Removal a call to help facilitate the improvement.