Project Description

This tenant improvement project took place on PCH, Pacific Coast Hwy at Laguna Beach, CA. My client, Mrs. Decker, had recently just leased the upstairs unit and was planning to relocate her office from Fountain Valley to Laguna Beach. Mrs. Decker showed me the shower she wanted removed as well as the walls and flooring. Our discussion suddenly began to expand as I asked what new walls she would like constructed and what type of flooring she would prefer. Andre and his team saved Mrs. Decker thousands of dollars and hours of grief by not having to call and deal with numerous subcontractors for a project that SoCal Removal completed under budget and ahead of schedule. Please take a moment to view some of the photos and videos that we were lucky to capture during our renovation of this upstairs unit on Pacific Coast Hwy in Laguna Beach, CA.

This is the old shower before we demolished it and hauled away the debris.  This unit was on the 2nd floor so all materials had to be taken downstairs and loaded on the truck so it could be hauled away.  This was a labor intensive project that we certainly had the muscle for.

The shower and drain were successfully removed.  SoCal Removal installed plywood to level the floor for the new laminate flooring to be installed.  A plumbing  cap of the water supply lines for the old shower.  This was a difficult process for this structure because the main shut off switch for the unit had a bad valve so we had to shut off the building at the street which affected the neighbors. The old laminate flooring needed a replacement.  It was a knock off Pergo type floor that is actually a floating laminate in reality.

SoCal Removal framed up and anchored 2×4 studs.  The electrical is ready to be worked on.

As you can see in the above photo we installed ½” drywall sheetrock to the 2×4 framed stud wall that we anchored to the 2nd floor plywood subfloor.  We also wired and installed an outlet box on each side of the wall for the client to use as needed for computers, electronics and light fixtures.

After we demolished the shower we framed up and installed drywall to create a new partition wall for the bathroom.  We textured the wall and painted all the walls and ceilings.  I capped the drain for the old shower.  SoCal Removal also installed plywood to make the floor level where the shower was before.  This preps the floor for the new laminate that will soon be installed.

This is a photo of the new laminate flooring material that we picked up from our distributor.  This floor will be floated on the existing plywood subfloor that we prepped. The painting project consisted of painting the windows, doors, walls, high ceilings and the window trim of the exterior.  SoCal Removal delivered and installed the new laminate floating floor.  Paint brushing and prepping the baseboards before installing them as needed inside along the walls.

We installed approximately 7 new outlets and switches, 5 light fixtures, baseboards, flooring, drywall, framing, plumbing and so much more detail work was involved.  If there is anything we can help you with for your next remodeling project please don’t hesitate to give Andre a call at 949-446-0000


Laguna Beach, CA

Tenant Improvement