Around June of 2019, SoCal Removal was given the notice to proceed by the City of Walnut to commence abatement services at a residential home.  This project entailed removal of an unpermitted window mounted AC unit, overgrown vegetation, trash, trees, weeds, and miscellaneous non-hazardous debris. 

Removal of excessive hardscape, concrete, non-compliant turf. SoCal Removal drained the category 3 stagnant water from the which appeared to be a breeding place for mosquito larvae.  Fungus was scraped off the bottom of the after the water was pumped out and accepted by local sanitation. Work was necessitated by the LA County Sheriff and the City of Walnut by means of a court issued warrant. 

This granted the winning bid contractor, SoCal Removal, safe access to provide public nuisance abatement services to the front and back yard of the residential home at 19127 Amber Valley Drive. This event transpired due to the homeowner not satisfying needed building and safety code violation corrections within a reasonable amount of time for any unspecified reason.  If you represent a public agency and require the assistance of a registered Department of Industrial Relations public works contractor to bid (without any collusion) on a potential construction project, contact SoCal Removal.