The Big Bear Lake City demolition at 695 Paine Road near Big Bear Blvd and the Village Drive intersection. This bed and breakfast commercial/residential style building establishment consisted of wood frame member construction with plenty of shear walls.  It possessed 3 levels of living space/ foot print. This structure had a 4 foot crawl space in most areas under the subfloor of the 1st level. Apparently, there was a lot to be told and heard regarding the history of this structure. Locals around town knew of its past, how it originally was built and the eventual fate of its existence by means of building demolition.  

This building was built and financed from later convicted ponzi scheme crooks whom over promised clients and did not deliver, during the early 1990’s.  It sat vacant for nearly 10 years before it was demolished by Andre Abajian of SoCal Removal. Andre Abajian and his team took a trip and lodged at Big Bear for the entire project.  It consisted of notifying the local air quality management district, obtaining a City of Big Bear demolition permit, removing the structure and foundations entirely, and rough grading afterwards. Soil compaction testing to 90% was achieved.  Tests by a licensed soil geologist verified it as he probed and surveyed the lifts of dirt used to fill the large crawl space of the home. 

Demolition tasks began the day after Christmas December 26th 2018 at the crack of dawn.  We experienced the heavy holiday traffic through New Year festivities with snow and ice road conditions.  SoCal Removal obtained legal usage of a hydrant water meter from local Big Bear City sanitation department.  

Andre Abajian gained experience working with hydrants of colder environment nature of which mechanically operate in a different fashion (to prevent freezing) compared to the hydrants down the mountain in warmer climates.  San Bernardino County is a very large area that contains large amounts of essential and fruitful topography for gracious living. There is much to improve upon by means of land clearing, abatement and demolition.