American Eagle Outfitters Selective Demolition at Irvine Spectrum Center

American Eagle Outfitters required tenant improvement services to their engineered approved specifications. They had just leased a large unit inside the Irvine Spectrum Center.  There was a desire to open up the storefront to allow for a more open accessible entrance for consumers.  Demolition included removal of half-inch thick glass entry display that went up over 10 feet high, steel beams, stucco, concrete, brick and more. Wrecking steel and metal hi elevations requires careful planning in the use of hydraulic scissor lifts.  If the load is too heavy, the use of a crane may be necessary. There are many ways to demolish metal beams and structures safely depending on the area. There is just one safest, appropriate way to remove metal when any type of hazard is involved. 

If you require tenant improvements at any of the big outdoor and indoor shopping malls to your just business space/location or if you are the owner of a commercial property and need Demolition Services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Andre Abajian at SoCal Removal.