Fire Damage Restoration: How to Proceed After Losing Your Home or Business

Fire Damage Restoration How to move on after Losing Your Home or Business

There’s little in life that can compare to the stress of being forced to flee your home or business before a fast-moving wall of fire. If you are one of the people who lost property in the recent Holy Jim fire or local Southern California Orange County fires, you probably don’t know what to do first. Still, you have to go on, and decisions you make now will affect your future. There are some basic actions you should take as soon as you are able to do so.  One thing is for sure is that you will need a quality general contractor with the fire damage board up and restoration whom will respond appropriately.

What to Do After a Fire—Contact Your Insurer

The very first thing you should do after you and your family are reasonably safe is to call your home insurance carrier and get the claim moving forward. It takes time to process insurance claims, so the sooner you get things started the faster you will receive compensation.

When it is safe to return to the property you should take pictures of the damage, and make a comprehensive list of the property that was destroyed. You should also keep receipts for temporary lodging and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Be sure to ask your insurance carrier(s) exactly what damages and expenses the policy covers. An accurate accounting of what expenses you will be reimbursed for will allow you to plan and budget the Orange County emergency.

Help After a House Fire—Disaster Resources

Take advantage of emergency assistance resources for you and your family or business. You aren’t in this alone. The above link contains a comprehensive list of resources and other information you should know about. It is very important to maximize the help you receive during this time by reaching out to every source of assistance that you qualify for.

It’s normal to experience a high level of emotional trauma after going through a fire. Seek counseling if necessary for yourself and loved ones to process the harrowing ordeal you’ve suffered.

Deciding Whether to Repair or Rebuild Your House

Canyon Fire 2 completely destroyed over 24 structures, and left dozens more fire-damaged. Before you decide whether to rebuild or repair, you may need to contact your insurance carrier to discuss what options are available to you. Read this helpful article by NOLO to maximize your claim after a fire.

If you decide to repair your structure, you should begin the process ASAP by being sure it is dry. The damage of fire to a building isn’t only caused by flames and smoke. You could sustain just as much or even more damage from the water firefighters used to contain the fire. If left unattended, water damage causes mold and other harmful bacterial growth to set in and spread.

If your property was completely destroyed, you should contact a professional demolition and site-clearing company to haul off the rubble and prepare the site for rebuilding. It’s best to find a general contractor with experience in fire damaged property.

Fire Restoration Contractor Andre Abajian

Hi, I’m Andre Abajian of SoCal Removal. It’s been a sad, scary experience for all of us here in Orange County as fire threatened our neighborhoods and the homes of nearby loved ones. I hope the above information is helpful to those of you whose houses were destroyed or damaged.  More often than not several parties are involved during the fire damage clean up damage repair process.  Hazardous material removal such as asbestos or lead based building materials require property procedure 5 clean up by one of my many DOSH licensed Orange County contractors.  Non hazardous burnt debris throughout may be cleaned and interior surface areas smoke particles wiped.  This is where SoCal Removals damage restoration service shines.

I am a local general contractor with experience in commercial and residential fire damage demolition and/ or restoration. Please don’t hesitate to call me at 949-446-0000 to discuss your situation. I would be most happy to help you to demo or rebuild your Orange County property after your unfortunate fire damage catastrophe.

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