University of California Irvine Art department Construction

We were asked by Kim Zumpfe from the University of California Irvine Art department to construct 40 linear feet of metal stud framed walls. The 2 walls we constructed were 10 feet high and ran parallel inside the art conference room in a zigzag pattern which consisted of two perpendicular 90 degree angles. The distance […]

Insurance Restoration Contractor Serving Irvine, CA

Dependable Insurance Restoration in Irvine, CA Repairing and cleaning up after a flood, leak or water damage problem is where SoCal Removal has an immense amount of experience.  Whether it entails extracting the water, drying the building or repairing the walls, SoCal Removal is a dependable licensed general contractor that will respond to your water […]

Mission Viejo Demolition Contractor Services

The city of Mission Viejo California was incorporated in 1988 and is home to a vast number of employers and residential communities. As of September 2022, SoCal Removal is actively in process to demolish all improvements at the former Mission Viejo Rug Store. The commercial/retail free standing building with its own asphalt parking lot is […]

How to Handle Water Damage Flooring Repairs Irvine,CA

Not only is SoCal Removal certified to quickly dry your home or business, they’re a full-service general construction company that will quickly restore your building to better than before conditions. Many of SoCal Removal’s clients take advantage of home upgrade options to keep up with their OC neighbors. The ability to provide design options when […]