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Meet Andre Abajian of SoCal Removal

Andre Abajian knows Southern California well having spent his entire life in the area. Like many, Andre followed the career path of his father an Armenian immigrant from Beirut, Lebanon. Working alongside his father in the construction industry as a youngster is where it all began.  He assisted in the renovation of over 10 residential homes near the Mesa Verde area in the city of Costa Mesa.

Over the years, Andre was directly involved in numerous construction trades, which in turn lead to renovating and selling the residences for a profit. As time progressed Andre’s path worked towards achieving the necessary certifications, experience and people skills to take on almost any construction, renovation or remediation project. Not only is SoCal Removal a licensed contractor but has the necessary expertise to handle unexpected emergency hazards that may occur by act of God or when simply just tackling a residential remodel, renovation or home demolition. Many unforeseen issues can be discovered during the renovation process. Ceilings that need to be textured may contain asbestos. Walls when opened may be a moldy mess. Flooring when uncovered can show foundation problems. All of which can be resolved with one point of contact-Andre Abajian at SoCal Removal.

Our Company

SoCal Removal’s reputation continues to shine in the county of Orange. In the middle of 2016 Andre was involved in the complete demolition of a number of residential and historic homes owned by the city of Yorba Linda at the time.  In 2017 he was involved in the demolition, wrecking and scraping of a two million gallon steel reclaimed water tank owned by the Irvine Ranch Water District.  Earlier projects include the renovation of Dana Point Harbor while meeting all regulatory requirements near the ocean. Obviously Andre is a busy man working in both construction full time and from time to time real estate. He is smart enough to know life requires a balance. He has found it in an extremely active lifestyle.

He continues his childhood love for heavy equipment as well as the sport soccer by playing pick-up games at many of the beautiful Irvine parks. However, his crowning accomplishment is completing the Las Vegas Marathon in a very respectful time of a little over 4 hours! You need someone with that type of tenacity to handle your construction, demolition or renovation project. SoCal Removal has the project management skills to handle floor, bath and kitchen renovations. Demolitions to larger areas such as pools, structures, buildings can also be scheduled. It all starts with contacting Andre who will work with you from the proposal to completion.

We have the skills and passion to get the job done!