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Meet Andre Abajian of SoCal Removal

Andre Abajian knows Southern California well having spent his entire life in the area. Andre directly assisted and followed the career path of his father an Armenian immigrant from Beirut, Lebanon. Working side by side in the construction industry as a youngster (5-12 years old) is where it all began renovating Costa Mesa freedom homes where Andre spent some time growing up.

Over the years, Andre became directly involved in numerous construction trades, which in turn lead to renovating and selling the residential homes for a profit. Andre enjoys the challenges of everyday general contracting requirements of his Southern California private clients. Not only is SoCal Removal a licensed contractor but possess expertise to handle unexpected emergency hazards during a residential remodel, renovation or home demolition. Many unforeseen issues can be discovered during the renovation process. Ceilings that need to be textured may contain asbestos. Walls when opened may be a moldy mess. Flooring when uncovered can show foundation problems. All of which can be resolved with one point of contact-Andre Abajian at SoCal Removal.

Our Company

SoCal Removal has completed hundreds of construction projects throughout the County of Orange and looks forward to providing you with responsive California licensed, bonded and insured contractor service. Andre, the owner, is an Orange County native whom enjoys working at the several specific trades of the construction industry including demolition. He answers all calls personally and will work with you from proposal to completion.

We have the skills and passion to get the job done!