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Residential Services

Residential Services

Socal Removal serves all kinds of residential clients, services include Remodeling Homes, Mold Remediation, Water Damage Repair and more.

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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Socal Removal serves all kinds of Commercial clients, services include Rapid Water Restoration, Commercial General Contractors and more.

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Industrial Services

SoCal Removal serves all kinds of Industrial clients, services include Relocating Plants and Warehouses ty in Good Condition and more.

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Turn to SoCal Removal for Remediation, Renovation and Demolition.

During its life your home will undergo numerous transformations. No doubt at some point structures will be added or demolished. Kitchens and baths will be updated which may lead to the discovery of health hazards such as the presence of lead and asbestos. Do you know the proper cleaning and disposal method? SoCal Removal, operated by Andre Abajian, does.

With the experience, licenses and certifications to undertake any construction project, SoCal Removal will handle yours from bid to completion. Working with local teams, Andre can assemble the proper resources to undertake any demolition, renovation or remediation project.

Demolish It to Rebuild It

Renewing a kitchen or bath often requires leaving only a shell of a structure. In the kitchen, cabinets, counters, sinks, and appliances require a periodic update to keep the home in “A” condition. With the bath it’s the vanities, counters, sinks, toilets and showers/tubs. Keeping these two rooms current can significantly increase the value of your home.

Once a decision has been made to begin the demolition there will be many concerns, some you may be unaware of which is why SoCal Removal. Andre will prepare a budget and schedule that will constantly be monitored and updated. Project management is the key to the successful business.

At times the demolition process extends beyond the walls. Often homeowners gradually decide the pool and spa space would best be served as a large patio and grill area. Andre has the necessary team and experience to insure the job is done safely with all city requirements being met.

Regardless of the size and complexity of the demolition, SoCal Removal is up to the challenge. Once the process is completed the second phase of renovation begins, again, an expertise of SoCal Removal.

SoCal Removal Will Put it Back Together As You Desire

Renovating the major gathering points of the home or bath is exciting. Determining how much to undertake is dependent upon money and schedule. Andre is well aware of the constraints and will work to establish a budget for completion within your timeframe.

Whether you are looking just to replace kitchen counters or for a full kitchen and bath renovation, the SoCal team will be there with the proper support and equipment. As a So Cal Native, Andre has plenty of long time specialists to call upon. He will there at the proper time with the proper staff.

When doing the renovation there are many surprises that may be uncovered. Should serious issues such as asbestos or lead be discovered, the project must be stopped until the issue is resolved. SoCal Removal has the certification as well as direct experience to handle your upcoming remodel or development projects in the Orange County, CA or greater area.

SoCal Removal Can Handle Clean-up & Material Abatement

Many times homeowners are acquainted with the difficulty of dealing with particularly specialized type remodel projects. Mold, asbestos, and lead can be discovered. Now what? Or worse yet, it is only after the damage has been done in terms of cut pipes or sewers do you realize this is best left to a professional.

SoCal Removal has the credentials to handle smoke, fire and water damage. In addition, we will insure disposal of hazardous materials meet all government regulations. We have the documents to prove our commitment to the renovation and construction industry.

Do not attempt to handle a project which can quickly overwhelm you. Leave it to a professional to demolish and redevelop. Leave it to someone who is capable of handling the numerous curveballs that maybe thrown.

Leave it to SoCal Removal. The Reasons are Simple

  • SoCal Removal is a licensed California General & Demolition Contractor Lic#:980451
  • SoCal Removal can provide the Team for any demolition and renovation regardless of size.
  • SoCal Removal has the expertise to handle smoke, fire and water damage along with mold and asbestos abatement.
  • SoCal Removal has the training and certifications to insure all hazardous material is properly handled.

Andre took has worked closely with this his father in the construction industry since 2003. He will take the time to review with you the various options for your demolition, renovation or remediation project. Give him a call today 949-446-0000

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