Asbestos Disposal


Bagging asbestos promptly keeps it out of the air!
A few workers will use plastic shovels and squeegees to bag the asbestos as it is taken down. (Metal shovels can rip the poly). The asbestos should be wet when we put bagging-1it in the bag. Bagging asbestos right away is one of the best ways to keep asbestos out of the air.
Asbestos must be put in sealed containers (bags or drums) with warning labels. The asbestos will dry out if it sits on the floor or piles up. When workers walk through it, a lot of asbestos will get in the air.


When bagging asbestos, SoCal Removal will be sure to use the following process:
1.Tape the bag
Use a HEPA vacuum to pull the air out of the bag.
Then twist the top of the bag. Tape around it.

2.Gooseneck the bag
Sealing by double layering the top of the bag back on itself. Tape around it again. This is called “goosenecking” the bag. Tying a knot in the top of the bag will not make a water tight seal.

3.Use bagging-3double bagging

On the job, technicians usually put one bag inside another. If the first bag breaks, asbestos won’t leak out. This is called double bagging.
Put sharp metal lath in cardboard drums. Wraping large pieces of waste (like carpets) in two layers of poly and tape them up. Put a label on the poly.

SoCal Removal abatement subcontractors will keep the floor dry so those workers won’t slip. Use a wet/dry HEPA vacuum to pick up small amounts of asbestos and water. (Water will ruin a dry HEPA vacuum). At least one worker bagging asbestos on each shift should wear an air sampling pump.

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