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SoCal Removal wins Irvine Ranch Water District’s demolition bid

“Wow. Unbelievable,” was Andre’s exact response when informed he was awarded the contract for demolishing the Irvine Ranch Water District’s Lake Forest water tank. It was a long process with extensive paperwork requiring several months of preparation just to be considered. Not for the faint hearted, the project manual is over 200 pages.

It’s a massive demolition project

SoCal Removal is thrilled to take on one of the largest demolition projects in the company’s history. The project, to be completed in phases begins with the demolition of the tank and outside associated equipment. Specifically, the first phase of the Irvine Ranch Water District project plan is to “Demolish and dispose of two Million Gallon welded steel tank reservoir, ladders, railing, supports, appurtenances, piping and foundation.”

The second phase involves the demolition and disposal of the concrete, asphalt, and a recycled water pipe line surrounding the water tank. Further, it will be SoCal Removal’s responsibility to “demolish and dispose of asphalt concrete pavement; remove sections of an 18-inch recycled water pipeline and abandon in place.” Andre will recycle and salvage the materials.

The third phase is the removal of what the project plan refers to as “site improvements.” According the plan the improvements include, “demolish and dispose of site improvements, including catch basin, masonry block storage bin area, concrete pavement, asphalt, concrete pavement and trees.” SoCal Removal will be able to grade using the existing dirt.

Clean up is the fourth and final phase of the plan. SoCal Removal will insure the site is left in accordance to the plan’s requirements. Andre will “remove conductors and abandon electrical conduits, and clean-up site after demolition, backfill excavations, level and compact surface.”

SoCal Removal will utilize its project management experience

The project requires careful coordination with many vendors. Hauling companies and heavy equipment rentals must be tightly scheduled to insure the project not only meets project requirements but is on time and on budget.

Andre estimated that the project will yield somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-300 lbs. of steel. It may not seem like a lot but it will require 20-30 semi-trucks to properly dispose of the waste. “This salvage could make 150 cars,” Andre commented.

If coordinating the steel disposal isn’t enough, Andre has the concrete to recycle. He is budgeting for somewhere between 40 and 50 dump truck loads but won’t know the exact figure until the demolition is finished. Insuring there is a steady stream of trucks properly timed is no easy task.

The completion date is 80 days after signing the contract. Andre is optimistic on completing the project on schedule however he admits there are many unknowns. Among his concerns is the age of the tank. Built in the ‘70’s, many environmental issues were unknown and consequently unaddressed at the time. Potentially dangerous protective agents in the tank membrane and oil in the sand would have serious repercussions.

A variety of “big boy toys” will be utilized

Bring it on! Andre and SoCal Removal have been in the area for decades. In addition to his personal vehicles, Andre has access to the heavy equipment needed for the massive demolition project. The list includes dump trailers and a skid steer made by Caterpillar. Luckily, according to Andre they do the heavy work.

SoCal Removal can handle your project too

Chances are you are not looking to demolish two massive water tanks but perhaps you are looking to renovate your home. Place your confidence in a demolition expert well trusted by major organizations like the Irvine Ranch Water District and local home owners. Andre will personally manage your project, large or small and will personally respond to your call. As a licensed general contractor, please feel free to contact him for your construction needs at 949-446-0000 .

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