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How SoCal Removal handles Swimming Pool Removal and Demolition in Orange County, CA.

The removal of a swimming pool and spa can be a challenging one.  Each and every city may have their own set requirements as to proper ways of demolishing a swimming pool in your backyard or commercial building such as a hotel or gym.  Some cities will allow the demolition contractor to keep the outsides of the pool intact while just removing the top two to three foot coving that adjoins the gunite or plaster around the circumference of the swimming pool during the demolition.    In most cases the entire bottom of the pool must be removed so water can be absorbed into the earth.  Also each and every city will have their set requirements as to how SoCal Removal must properly backfill the swimming pool once it has been properly removed.

Swimming Pool Backfilling:  What’s involved and What You Can Expect.

After a successful city inspection of the swimming pool removal most clients require the hole in the ground to be filled for either hardscape or grass.  Sometimes our clients will also want to build a structure where the swimming pool once was.  There are different regulations to each desire and proper backfilling is essential to prevent future soil expansion.  Soil expansion can cause great havoc to property owners as it will cause future hardscape or buildings to crack and damage in the near future.  Our great relationships with soil geologists and engineers will ensure proper compaction ratios of the dirt to prevent a pond from occurring or damage down the road.  SoCal Removal also has a few friends in the dirt merchant industry and can easily bring hundreds of tons of dirt in a timely fashion if needed.

Backfilling and Zoning requirements for Pool Removal?

Most cities in Orange County and the greater Southern California area often require a Final Compaction Report which must be submitted to the city for review.  The city of Irvine has a 85% compaction ratio requirement for swimming pool removal projects.  Cities such as Laguna Niguel are stricter with a requirement of 90% or greater compaction ratio.  The granular density of the soil and how well we compact the soil while backfilling plays an essential role to prevent future soil expansion issues.  Complying with the city grading code is a must.  SoCal Removal will always grade soil away from your property line to prevent future flooding.  Give Andre Abajian a call today.  He is the owner and will promptly provide you with a fair and accurate estimate for your next Orange County swimming pool removal demolition project.

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