Hi, I’m Orange County demolition contractor Andre Abajian. When you need a big storage tank removed the process can be complicated. There’s a safe way to do each job, and sometimes 80 to 90% of the tank’s building materials such as metal and concrete can be salvaged for recycling according to California best practices.

Sometimes with older tanks asbestos is discovered in the structure. Asbestos poses a safety hazard which requires an asbestos abatement team to come in and remove the asbestos according to strict regulations regarding handling and disposal. Through my lifelong connections within the Orange County construction business, I know the best teams to call in for asbestos abatement so we can get the problem resolved and proceed with the job.

A Safe Tank Demolition Procedure Depends on Various Factors

The first stage of tank removal is planning and coordination. Heavy equipment must be brought in for the demolition job. Big storage tanks require scheduling trucks to come to the job site and haul off tons of metal and concrete for recycling and salvage. Keeping the job running on schedule sometimes requires coordinating with many vendors and this should be done before proceeding with the tank demolition.

Before I begin the job I always start with a hazardous materials survey report by a licensed CAC. For underground storage tank removal, the soil should be inspected for leakage of hazardous matter. If the tank contained oil, gas, or anything petroleum the soil surrounding the tank must be tested for leaching. Contaminated soil must be hauled off and disposed of, usually in an out-of-state landfill.

As the person who is primarily responsible for all phases of the safe demolition, I stay involved throughout any required abatement process to ensure proper removal and disposal of all hazardous materials. Tank decommissioning and/ or removal must meet OSHA and EPA standards.

After the Tank is Removed and Recycled

Whether the tank is above ground, underground or both, your site should be left cleared, healthy, and free of hazards. My role as an Orange County demolition contractor is to provide the safest and best tank demolition services available. Whether the job is big or small, I always plan a tank removal to be completed on schedule; this includes leaving the site looking good, with the area cleared and ready to be used for another purpose. To see my team at work, check out this video of a tank removal we did for Irvine Ranch Water District.

I have safely removed tanks of all sizes and purposes. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 949-446-0000. It won’t cost you anything to consult me about your tank demolition and removal job.

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  • What paperwork will I need to sign to hire SoCal Removal for construction services?
  • Depending on the scope of work you will be asked to sign a standard home improvement contract, work authorization agreement and a customer communication form. If you are a city, municipality or federal government liaison, SoCal Removal may need to sign your contract and obtain proper contractor bonding.
  • How many business days does it take to dry my water damaged flooded home or office?
  • SoCal Removal can respond to your emergency flooded property restoration at any time. If your flood occurred within the past 24 hours, typically SoCal Removal brings your salvageable building materials to a dry standard within 24-72 hours by means of physical extraction followed by dehumidification. When salvageable wood frame members or other building materials that are not so por/ ous get wet for extended periods, drying time may be doubled due to the length of exposure.
  • Will SoCal Removal work with my insurance company to receive maximum payment?
  • Definitely. SoCal Removal will assist with the creation of proper documentation to insure the highest possible pay out to our clients.
  • My Home Owners Association can be quite difficult. What involvement will SoCal have in dealing with Association permits and planning?
  • We work well with HOAs. Generally there is little need for concern since any issues such as debris removal, are generally handled within 24 hours.
  • Is there a minimum cost for SoCal Removal to become involved?
  • Give SoCal Removal a call to discuss the project. Costs vary widely depending upon need and SoCal prides itself in the accuracy of its quote.
  • What geographic areas does SoCal Removal work within?
  • SoCal Removal is based primarily in Orange County with a great location close to 5 and 405 freeways. The goal of SoCal Removal is to provide a fast response so the focus is Orange County, CA.
  • Will SoCal Removal be there 24/7 for emergency repairs? What is the typical response time?
  • Of course, SoCal Removal will be there when needed. Typical response time in So Orange County is an hour. For North County it’s about 2 hours.
  • What are some of the neighborhoods you have worked in recently?
  • SoCal has worked in almost all local So county cities. Recent jobs include Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo and Irvine to name a few. We’ve been there!
  • Although a difficult question to answer what is the typical cost of a bath and kitchen remodel completed by SoCal Removal?
  • This is indeed a difficult question to answer requiring an onsite visit. The estimate will reflect your selected materials and will be much more accurate than a general quote from this web site. SoCal Removal will design the rooms to your specific materials within your budget.
  • Again, a difficult question what is the average time for completion of a bath and kitchen remodel?
  • The time frame will be reflected in the estimate provided by SoCal Removal. Rest assured you will be kept up to date with our schedule. SoCal Removal prides itself on being on schedule and budget.
  • What references can SoCal Removal supply?
  • References include residential home owners, small businesses and local government agencies such as the Irvine Ranch Water District and the city of Yorba Linda.
  • How long has SoCal Removal been in business? Is it in its original location?
  • Andre, the Owner, has been in the construction in excess of 15 years. Andre branched out on his own in 2012 and opened SoCal Removal. He is a second generation contractor starting out with his Dad.
  • What type of insurance coverage does SoCal Removal have?
  • As a licensed General Contractor, SoCal Removal is required to have insurance to maintain the business. Currently SoCal Removal can provide coverage for up to $100 million.
  • What other services other than residential does SoCal Removal provide?
  • SoCal Removal will handle any renovation, rehabilitation, or demolition. Whether it be a city block in Yorba Linda or the demolition of a water tower SoCal Removal has the expertise and equipment.
  • When demolishing structures, what is a confined space and how does it affect my project?
  • A confined space is an area or workplace which has limited access and egress for getting in and out safely. A special permit must be obtained for such work environments. Confined spaces not only are dangerous but also a hazard to laborers with limited air exchanges and potential exposure to unhealthy gases. Safety harnesses and breathing apparatuses are worn at all times. All technicians and laborers must be certified and a lifeguard is typically nearby keeping a watch on those in the high danger zone.


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