SoCal Removal & Lake Forest, CA Demolitions

After 30 plus years, many structures in the city of Lake Forest, CA are in desperate need of a facelift. As a licensed General Contractor, Andre Abajian, owner of SoCal Removal, knows the area, the equipment needed and has the required certifications to demolish, renovate or rehabilitate any existing structure.

Andre Abajian & SoCal Removal knows Lake Forest, CA

With the office located off the I5 in Lake Forest, CA it is definitely safe to say SoCal Removal is extremely familiar with the city. Whether you live in the Lake Forest neighborhood of Baker Ranch, El Toro, or Rancho Serrano or the surrounding area, SoCal Removal has probably been there. After all, Abajian is a second generation business owner who has spent his life in the Southern California Saddleback Valley. Lucky guy!

However, SoCal Removal is just as comfortable renovating a commercial structure as a residence. With the necessary contacts and equipment to demolish existing businesses as well, the bigger and messier the demolition the more fun it is.

Let SoCal Removal prepare your home for sell

SoCal Removal can easily prepare the home for sale. A fresh coat of paint, a few kitchen and bath updates is often all it takes. For a more complex renovation you can have confidence that SoCal Removal has the expertise to complete the project.

Today may be the perfect time to put the place on the market. Interest rates are low and home values continue an upward climb. Whether you are looking to size up or down, a smart, cost effective renovation can be a positive benefit to the bottom line

The empty nest syndrome for a large number of Lake Forest, CA couples is fast becoming a reality. For many longtime residents the living situation has changed since the home was purchased. There is no longer a need for the large four bedroom, two bathroom home.

Let SoCal Removal improve your kitchen sight line

The home design of 20 to 30 years ago is no longer relevant to the lifestyle of today. In the past for example, the kitchen was often designed as a closed off room where women gathered. Today, it is the focal point of the home.

SoCal Removal will analyze the existing Lake Forest kitchen and living room layout to provide ideas to improve the sight line. Of course with any home in that age bracket, unknown hazards are often discovered. When you work with SoCal Removal the waste can be properly handled.

SoCal Removal and hazardous waste management

SoCal Removal has the necessary documents to properly dispose of the hazardous waste often discovered when involved in a demolition. Unknown too many mold, asbestos and lead may be a part of the home’s DNA. Once discovered, abatement protocols must be in place. SoCal Removal is very well informed of the drill.

Why go with SoCal Removal for your Lake Forest, CA renovation?

  • Licensed General Contractor
  • Decades of experience in the city of Lake Forest and Saddleback Valley
  • Experience in both residential and commercial demolition
  • Abatement certifications to handle any number of environmental hazards such as mold asbestos and lead
  • Project managed by the Owner

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