SoCal Removal & the City of Irvine

One of SoCal Removal’s favorite city’s in all of Orange County, CA is Irvine. There is little reason to wonder why. The weather is second to none with an average temperature of 82F in July and 46F in January. The crime rate is minimal and the community is well educated. Therefore, it is not surprising the city has been the recipient of numerous national awards. As an example in 2008 CNNMoney ranked Irvine the fourth best place to live in the US. The most significant recognition came in 2014 when 24/7 Wall Street named Irvine the Best Ran City.

Home Owner Associations Abound

A majority of Irvine residential communities are covered by homeowner’s associations. The goal is to insure uniformity within each of the Irvine “villages”. The associations make the final decision on community guidelines and the acceptability of the demolition project. Andre Abajian, Owner SoCal Removal, has a long history with Irvine and the neighborhood governing boards which approve demolitions and renovations. The approval process can be long and laborious. In concert with the homeowner, Andre works to insure a smooth transition from submission of the construction and demolition plans to clean up.

SoCal Removal & the Permitting Process

Andre has worked with Irvine for over a decade. He is familiar with the “i’s” that need to dotted and the “t’s” that need to be crossed. Understanding the responsibilities of each Irvine city department and insuring it’s done right the first time is second nature to SoCal Removal.

The requirements for an Irvine construction/demolition/renovation project are well spelt out. Everything from the size of the plans to the potential need for Seismic studies is well documented. One error, on even a small demolition project, can result in financial damage and frustration due to project delay.

Irvine Requires Specialist in Abatement

Once the demolition/ renovation/construction process begins, hazardous materials can be found. Whether it be the discovery of lead, mold or asbestos, SoCal Removal can safely ensure proper abatement and disposal. The EPA and the city of Irvine require certified or licensed specialist to handle hazardous matters. Andre has met the requirements for mold, lead and asbestos abatement and has a large inventory of equipment to thoroughly clean the air and remove dangerous materials. Place your Irvine demolition and construction project in the hands of a licensed General Contractor such as SoCal Removal.

Why Andre Abajian & SoCal Removal for your Irvine demolition?

  • Andre has seen Irvine grow from “where is it?” to a nationally ranked planned community Earning such high accolades require strict construction and demolition permitting and inspection processes. Andre knows Irvine and the standards he must adhere to.
  • Managing a massive demolition and construction project requires attention to detail. Andre will see the project throughout the entire process.
  • Unplanned renovation projects are often discovered when walls are open. Only EPA certified professionals are allowed to dispose of the hazardous material found. Luckily, SoCal Removal has certifications for the abatement and clean-up of it all—mold, asbestos and lead.

SoCal Removal would love to bring your Irvine home into the 21 Century. Demolition and renovation provide you with the opportunity to stay in your home but in an incredibly beautiful way. Andre can be reached at 949-446-0000. He will personally return your call in a timely manner.

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