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South Orange County, CA -Time to update to the 21 Century

It is difficult to believe that homes in Southern Orange County, California are fast approaching 40. Many of the homes, built in the late ‘80’s –‘90’s, reflect the design of the last millennium. Purchasing or selling a home in the area likely will require a remediation and/or a renovation. Andre Abajian and SoCal Removal have the resources to update the entire home.
One of SoCal Removal’s latest projects is a home in Aliso Viejo. It’s an excellent example of the services and project management skills Andre has developed over decades of experience.

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Oh No! The discovery of mold

The original task began as a mold remediation project. The new buyers found mold during the home inspection. As a certified mold remediation specialist, the family called upon SoCal Removal and Andre Abajian to literally clean the air.
Realizing there were numerous projects the homeowner needed to undertake, Andre informed them he was a General Contractor. Not only could he resolve the mold issue, but Andre could handle and manage the entire remodel. How nice, one point of contact for the homeowner. Soon Andre was undertaking the entire home remodel.

Kitchen Facelift-Update cabinets & appliances — Save flooring

One of the major elements of a successful renovation is determining an appropriate budget. With this two story, single family home the kitchen was in relatively good shape. Cabinets did not need to be replaced. Instead, using a contemporary white paint Andre saved the homeowners from purchasing new cabinets.
The kitchen tile was also in good shape so luckily it did not need to be replaced. The tile was carefully covered with heavy plastic, the cabinets painted and new appliances were ready to be installed.
After an inspection it was discovered the home owner’s luck continued. The granite kitchen counter tops were in great condition. There was no need to replace them.
This family saved a tremendous amount of money by simply repainting the kitchen cabinets and saving the tile. However, had the decision been made for complete renovation, SoCal Removal could easily handle the task.
The completed kitchen with the white semi-gloss cabinets and original counters and travertine floors brought it into the 21 century.

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The new paint smell

Personalizing with color makes anything your own. Selecting items such as paint is one of the fun aspects of home buying. The choices are overwhelming but once the choice is made, Andre will insure the paint job is smooth with adequate coverage.
In addition, Andre keeps the colors straight. Don’t worry your daughter’s room won’t be painted with the blue selected for your son. In this instance, Andre painted the entire home with each room essentially its own palette.

Bathroom-Paint-Update vanities, faucets and tile

This home has three baths. The baths needed a more extensive update than the kitchen. In addition to paint, vanities, faucets and tile in each were updated.
Whether you are buying or selling, updating key living areas, such as the kitchen and bath, can determine the value. Working with an experienced Contractor can literally make the difference between a failure and a successful sale or rehab.
Andre knows what works in the Aliso Viejo/ Saddleback Valley area in Southern California. He has operated SoCal Removal through good and bad economic times. His reputation is beyond reproach. Before making your decision on budget and renovation projects to undertake, call Andre Abajian at SoCal Removal 949-446-0000. He takes each call personally.

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