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It has often been said there are three words in real estate, ‘location’, ‘location’ and ‘location’. Too often homes in the right area are dismissed due to a tired, outdated look. Buyers and investors often cannot see the potential in a kitchen decorated with avocado sinks and appliances; or a bath with an outdated shower and vanity. Cracked, scratched or chipped flooring can be added to the list of items that will add value when renovated.

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Kitchen Remodels Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

Many buyers are looking for an open floor plan ready for entertaining, not the cutoff kitchens a majority of homes were designed with in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. Recent studies by United Press International report that a kitchen renovation returns 69% of the cost. An average kitchen remodel cost is $20,000 and is considered the best home improvement investment.

SoCal Removal can give your kitchen the modern look that screams pride of ownership. New cabinets, countertops and sinks can rocket your kitchen into the 21st century. Demolishing the old and replacing it with the latest remodeling designs requires a demolition expert with the certifications to prove his expert abilities, all of which has been earned by SoCal Removal.

Bath Remodels Are a Close Second in Payback

A bathroom restoration runs about 50% of the cost of a kitchen remodel, at a little over $10,000. A contemporary bathroom design can transform a small bathroom into an oasis for family and guests at a reasonable cost. Remodeling a bathroom shower or a bathroom sink remodel can be completed quickly and will transform the look of the entire home.

Complete bathroom renovations can answer the question of whether to move. Too often, individuals are looking for a new place in their current neighborhood only to find the cost prohibitive. The comparatively small investment required for renovating the bathroom can make your house a home.

There are Many Flooring Options to Consider

There are many options to consider when picking out new flooring. The selections range from retro-vinyl flooring to the newest style of bamboo.

Whether you’re looking for inexpensive laminate flooring or you want to pay for parquet, SoCal Removal has the experience to handle any major renovation. From refinishing hardwood floors to a complete hardwood floor installation, SoCal Removal has the team to complete the task on time and on budget.

Regardless of the kitchen, bath or flooring renovation you require, SoCal Removal can do it. Kitchen remodeling, remodeling a bathroom, and restoring hardwood floors are our daily activities.

You love the neighborhood you’re currently in and, quite frankly, probably couldn’t afford to buy a new house now. When reviewing options, renovation appears to be the smart choice. It’s a lot less expensive than moving: you remodel your current house to look exactly the way you want it instead of settling for somebody else’s taste, and remodeling allows you to stay where you belong-your home.

Move your home into the 21st Century by updating the kitchen, bath and flooring. SoCal Removal will work to ensure your design is implemented at a reasonable cost in a reasonable time.

Andre Abajian, the owner of SoCal Removal, would love to hear from you and discuss your renovation plans.

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