Orange County Mold Inspections by Andre Abajian

How SoCal Removal handles mold testing services in Orange County, CA.

Mold testing services can bring our clients peace of mind when dealing with indoor air quality issues inside of a home or business.  All kinds of parties and situations arise as each mold investigation is unique in its own way.  Property managers, real estate agents, home owners and buyers are the most common type of mold inspection client.  On occasion Andre will receive a call from an angry tenant that is looking to break out of a lease.

There are many types of mold spores in the ecology.  Testing the ambient air can help us determine the concentration of mold spores in the air as well as the species.  Often Andre is called upon after remedial projects to provide them with a mold clearance certificate by physically inspecting the job site as well as conducting samples and analyzing them.

Mold Testing in Orange County, CA:  What are the costs and what to expect?

Andre Abajian is a certified microbial investigator as well as remediation technician.  Give him a phone call or shoot him an e-mail to discuss your needs so he can put a mold matter game plan together that makes sense while addressing your concerns.  The office is our of Irvine so the further the drive the slight increase in cost.  The average inspection can start at 325.00 and exceed that amount depending on the complexity and amount of lab samples taken.  Generally lab samples will come back within 24 business hours as time is of the essence when dealing with indoor air quality.  Especially when occupants are around.  Andre has been in the mold remediation and testing business since 2007 and has maintained his certifications since by continuing his education as required by the certifying bodies.  The two main certifying bodies that Andre is associated with is the IICRC which is also referred to as and the ACAC which is the American Council Accredited Certification.


Why hire Andre Abajian for a mold inspection in Orange County, CA.

Experience is key when you’re dealing with a complex indoor air quality complaint.  Sometimes the most difficult situations to some may be easy for Andre to alleviate.  He often will figure things out and come up with solutions.  Andre Abajian as a mold inspector has dealt with numerous types of mold situations throughout Orange County over the years.  Many of them may be plumbing related, ventilation and or acts of god.  Either way Andre will be on your side to come up with solutions that make sense to take care of your mold and indoor air quality concerns throughout Orange County, California.  Hundreds of reputable references are available upon request.  Please see our credibility page to view the


What types of tests can be conducted by Andre with SoCal Removal?

Andre Abajian has assisted hundreds of concerned Orange County, CA property owners and clients over the years in regards to their indoor air quality.   The most common test individuals opt for are the air samples.  Mold enters out body through our mucus membranes and inhalation is the easiest path as mold spores easily go airborne.  Andre will pump a particular volume of air into a cassette which he will have analyzed at a certified lab.  Typically one air sample cassette is conducted per each room of concern.  During sick building syndrome matters Andre will often test the bedroom as this area is where we spend a lot of our lives breathing air.

Mold Surface samples can also be conducted when there is a suspicious organic appearing growth that should be tested to determine if it is in fact mold and let us know what species.  Surface testing is vital is there is exposed growth that may be questionable.  We can directly relate what is found on a surface sample of mold to what we also find in the air.  If both types of samples match we know we have cross contamination wherever the air decides to flow at a given moment inside a building.

Bacteria testing is called upon once in a while.  Usually bacteria testing can be done with airborne in areas near a water fountain or that may have high levels of water vapor.  Legionnaire’s disease is usually caused by inhaling moisture which contained bacteria.

Allergan testing can be conducted.  Cat and Dog Dander, Cockroach feces, Dust Mite allergans, Mouse, rat allergens as well as household dust and pollens.  These items are found inside indoor environments and are typically what humans may be allergic too when inhaling the right concentration and the given moment.  If you are interested in particle and allergan testing give Andre a call so he can put a plan together and peace of mind.


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