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Remodeling your home in Orange County: What’s Involved and What to Expect

Abajian Enterprise D.B.A. SoCal Removal is a full service general contractor with over forty dependable tradesman at our disposal depending on the type general construction building trade involved. Property owners may remodel for many different reasons. Investors will typically look for functional standard grade materials and cabinetry to keep costs down as they may be replaced more often due to tenant occupancy. Primary resident home owners may typically have special requests and ideas that fit to their lifestyle and needs.

Why Abajian Enterprise D.B.A. SoCal Removal for your home remodel project?

Every home remodeling project starts with a meeting of the minds and an understanding of expectations. Andre Abajian and his crew of quality tradesman have the ability to adapt to your reasonable requirements. Experience and dependability when you need it most at a cost that is reasonable. Abajian Enterprise is a general building contractor has helped hundreds of property owners in Orange County successfully with their particular concerns and needs. Some notable projects have been completed at the Dana Point Harbor, South Coast Plaza Shopping center and the Irvine Spectrum. Not only are commercial properties relying on Abajian Enterprise D.B.A. SoCal Removal for their restoration and renovation. Home owners of all types of neighborhoods have been assisted over the years. Some noteable neighborhoods are Big Canyon Newport Beach, Northpark in Irvine, Laguna Beach and Newport Coast private residences. Many of our private clients are not looking for the cheapest price but the best value in their general contractor for Orange County home remodeling.

Orange County Home Remodeling Construction: Why SoCal Removal?

Abajian Enterprise D.B.A. SoCal Removal has significant experience in restoring properties after they have been flooded or damaged by fire. This experience allows us to work with such fine detail while performing partial repairs to particular trades while maintaining the brand new appearance when completed. For example, when part of a wall is damaged and needs to be replaced. We will texture the entire wall to give the appearance even and perfected when painted over. The same goes for carpentry trades such as fine woodworking cabinetry refinishing, baseboards and crown moldings.

Hardwood flooring is replaced after water physically damages the wood by causing cupping or warping. Depending on how porous the building material is will drastically affect how much it can be damaged with time and saturation of moisture. Hardwood floors can easily be replaced if it is a glue down or floating floor. There are many species and types of hardwood flooring to consider when remodeling your home in Orange County. You can consult with Andre Abajian and he will provide you with a number of examples and reasonable prices for a material to be installed. Often when many trades are needed to be conducted for a home remodel, home owners take advantage of contracting with a general contractor to save on the cost. General contractors have the resources, equipment, and manpower required to get a project done while maintaining the utmost quality for the price.

Interior and Exterior Painting can easily be completed whether you’re looking to paint one room or all the walls and ceilings of a property. We typically deal with Dunn Edwards paints out of Irvine, CA but we can accommodate your paint manufacturer request. Baseboards and crown molding are often painted in fine detail. They can be sprayed or hand brushed. Zig-Zag and other exotic diagonal paint color schemes and patterns can be created and made for a reasonable price. We enjoy getting creative. We have been seeing the use to wallpaper coming back. Many of our past clients in upper scale neighborhoods have taken advantage of wallpapering the guest bathroom of their home and so on. The sky is the limit. Get in touch with Andre Abajian general building contractor with Abajian Enterprise D.B.A. SoCal Removal to discuss countless options available to you.

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