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SoCal Removal will provide you a below budget, cost effective & safe approach to your interior and exterior demolition need. Whether we are removing a sheet of drywall or demolishing a 60,000 square foot industrial building we will closely follow proper protocols and obtain all necessary permits as required. Requirements are often set forth by CalOSHA which is a state regulatory and enforcement agency. On a national level SoCal Removal will work with the EPA and the South Coast Air Quality Management District office. Hazardous materials are often brought to our attention after a property survey inspection by a licensed California industrial hygienist. SoCal Removal will exceed minimum safety measures and precautions whenever it makes sense to do so. You may call it excellent service but we think of it as common sense. The last thing we need is an injury. We strive each day to keep our zero injury incident rate the way it is. If the worst is ever to happen our liability & workman compensation insurance protects our clients from damages. That is just one example of the difference when working with SoCal Removal as your full service demolition contractor in Orange County, CA.

What’s Involved And What You Can Expect: Interior Demolition

SoCal Removal is a bonded and insured C21 Building Moving/Demolition contractor that has the ability to easily remove structures or foundations of any shape, size or form. We will be your interior demolition contractor of choice in Orange County, CA due to our extensive experience in property mitigation and removal of walls & framing after a property fire or unexpected property damage. In many cases, demolition is required on an entire flooring even if half of it was physically damaged. This occurs mostly when that specific building material is discontinued by the manufacturer or when a match of it cannot be reproduced adequately. When building permits are required in the particular city, we carefully follow all necessary guidelines and procedures to properly complete the project. SoCal Removal is precise and punctual with all parties involved in each demolition project. Fair and accurate estimates to property owners, management companies, agents, developers, contractors and more. We know it takes more than a lot of muscle to bring down a building. It all starts with common sense as well as patience when planning to create a safe and efficient workplace. You will have a clear and concise understanding of what we do and how we do it. SoCal Removal knows that each and every demolition project is unique. We know how to utilize the best equipment for providing excellent efficiency to keep you within your budget. Office walls inside commercial or industrial buildings can be knocked down and hauled away with our trucks and muscle. Many materials that are demolished may be salvaged because we have relationships with local recycling companies. Metals and concrete are becoming hot recycling commodities lately and we do not see the trend stopping. Call us today so we can show you firsthand how SoCal Removal is your demolition contractor of choice in Orange County, CA.

Why Socal Removal For Interior & Exterior Demolition

SoCal Removal takes pride in its demolition work with a vision of removing and rebuilding Southern California for the future new generation of our wonderful community. Always striving to accept changes in technology which in turn improve the way business is conducted as well as the overall customer service experience. We gladly utilize text messaging, live video streams and mobile e-mail with all parties involved. More often than not we work with developers, owners and agents that appreciate immediate updates. SoCal Removal pledges accommodate your reasonable requests. A large wave of buildings as well as structures will need to come down and be redeveloped in the next twenty to thirty years. Being a part of the new growth means a lot to us. Whether you want SoCal Removal to take down a door or demolish a concrete rebar built building it can be done quickly and efficiently. We can take down what has been brought up. Contract with SoCal Removal today for your Orange County, CA and greater Los Angeles area demolition contractor requirement.

Featured Project: Fashion Designer Store In South Coast Plaza Orange County Demolition Contractor

One notable project was when SoCal Removal handled demolition as a contractor to a ceiling of a high end fashion designer retail store in South Coast Plaza shopping mall located at Costa Mesa, CA. SoCal Removal performed demolition tasks afterhours and proceeded in an controlled environment to minimize the dust while being monitored full time by mall security.

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