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Here at SoCal Removal we enjoy taking on demolition projects of all kinds. When we talk about demolition there are many types that come into play. This trade may involve Interior Demolition, Building Demolition or Swimming Pool Demolition. In our experience as a dependable demolition C21 Orange County licensed and bonded contractor SoCal Removal has the ability to easily knock down entire structures, remove unwanted Swimming Pools and Jacuzzis or spas as well as demolishing interior fixtures such as drywall and undesired cabinetry. SoCal Removal has represented home owners, property management companies, private equity firms, banks as well as private investors. Allow us to show you how we will be your demolition contractor of choice in the Orange County, CA area.



Demolition: What’s Involved and What You Can Expect?

When dealing with a demolition project many parties and government restrictions can easily come into play. Every city in Orange County will have their specific code requirements for the type of demolition that is required to be followed to pass inspections. Safety is a huge concern as demolition usual deals with heavy objects and large equipment that can cause serious bodily harm as well as damage objects and items that are not to be wrecked such as a gas line, utility and or part of a building while removing a swimming pool. SoCal Removal will follow all necessary Cal-OSHA rules and regulations as well as obtain all necessary permits and safety inspections as required by California state law. Many times an Industrial Hygienist or State Licensed Soil Geologist will be required to ensure proper removal of objects has been done accordingly. You can expect SoCal Removal to provide you with a quick and fair as well as detailed accurate estimate. We will listen to your goals and desires and insure there is a meeting of the minds before any work is conducted. Surprises may and have come up during a project. When this is the case, work is immediately stopped until we have a moment to communicate best plan of action to eliminate the issue at hand.

Why SoCal Removal for your Demolition Contractor Project?

SoCal Removal takes great pride in not only completing projects in a timely fashion but also conducting them with safety and accuracy in mind. Dependability and ethics play an important role as we treat the properties we work on as if they were our own. By keeping open lines of communication with our clients SoCal Removal as the ability to Demolish entire structures at ease while keeping the client informed during the process by text message, e-mail as well as phone calls. Big or small it’s safe to state that we can do it all. Setup a proper meeting with SoCal Removal today! The owner Andre Abajian will walk you through the steps to ensure a safe and satisfied demolition project in Orange County and the greater Southern California area.

What type of tools and equipment does SoCal Removal utilize to Removing Buildings?

We at SoCal Removal understand that there are many ways to demolish a building or structure. There are literally hundreds of different approaches a demolition contractor may take to complete a project. Our experience and vast readily available equipment as well as man power plays a huge role in our Orange County demolition. Our relationships with large fleet heavy equipment suppliers allows us to be on site within 24 hours with some of the largest excavators, backhoes, and tractors within a 24 hour notice anywhere in Orange County, CA. Having the tools and equipment is just a third of the battle. The other aspect would be the manpower as well as the technique. SoCal Removal will strive to be your below budget and low cost demolition leader by utilizing recycling of removed building materials to help aid in saving our clients overall cost. More often times than not for smaller projects SoCal Removal will utilize manpower instead of machinery if the cost makes sense. Meet with Andre Abajian today so we can better inform you as to how SoCal Removal will tackle your upcoming demolition project in Orange County, CA.

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