Mold Removal & Remediation

Recognizing Mold & The Hazards:

Any mold can be toxic depending on the concentration and exposure levels. These toxic molds should be properly identified by a certified investigator or indoor environmentalist unless the owner of the structure wants to make the assumption. By understanding how mold reacts prior, during and post remediation SoCal Removal will put together a specialized plan on properly removing the indoor mold contamination being suffered by building occupants. Removing mold safely and efficiently is what we specialize in. Give Andre with SoCal Removal a call today.

Does your home or one you plan to purchase have Mold?

During home sale transactions, mold issues can quickly become uncovered. Over the years I’ve found that any home regardless of age can be susceptible to mold contamination. More often than not the home inspector or the buyer usually locate the mold issue first. This is usually due to the fact that most mold issues will give off a musty scent. Either that or there is evidence of a prior water damage leak. Sometimes condensation plays a key role for mold growth which can be hidden behind wall paper or refrigeration units that lacks circulation and proper evaporation of air from a substrate. Provide peace of mind to yourself, seller, as well as building occupants. Taking precautions such as these allows for greatly reduced financial and health related exposure.

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Hiring a Mold Remediation Contractor:

Andre Abajian owner/supervisor of SoCal Removal takes pride in maintaining his annual mold industry certificates and endorsements provided by the IICRC as well as the American Council for Accredited Certification. This entails each year spending time conducting continuing training sessions and expanding on industry guidelines and approved mold removal techniques. SoCal Removal understand that each and every mold removal project is unique and will put together a plan of action with its proposal to complete work for you in a timely fashion. Andre can sit down and consult with you every step of the way during the process to keep all parties of the transaction informed. SoCal Removal will utilize safe removal practices that remediate the mold as well as prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

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