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Water is essential for life as it covers approximately 70% of our earth’s surface. Unfortunately, water is also the largest carrier of pathogens. Quick growing microorganisms cause damage to building materials and may directly affect the indoor air quality of building occupants. SoCal Removal is equipped with water damage restoration tools and equipment that assists us in determining what building materials are wet and how wet they are. When dealing with a flood or emergency water damage incident inside your home or business, SoCal Removal provides an initial inspection to determine and furthermore stop the water or moisture intrusion. Water will travel the path of least resistance, so we diligently locate the entire perimeter of moisture migration as we survey.

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How We Work: Orange County Water Damage Restoration By SoCal Removal

Our offices and the warehouse facility is located in the city of Irvine. SoCal Removal is just across the street from the Irvine Auto Center in Orange County. Typically emergency mitigation trucks are dispatched from this location. We can arrive to any Southern Orange County city within an hour in most cases and up to 2 hours for cities further away. Call us so we can brief you on how we can potentially help. If you have just experienced a water damage in your home or business please give us a call so we can begin the moisture extraction process and get your life back on track. Be prepared to send us any photos you have and explain to us how many rooms are affected and where you believe the water has come from. The more facts you provide us in the beginning the greater chance we have at being as efficient as possible. We will load up specialized water damage restoration equipment on our vehicles based on your physical observations and head to the project address to further brief you on our recommended plan of action. SoCal Removal is all about communication and obtaining a meeting of the minds with our clients. Striving each day to put ourselves in our customers shoes. Misfortunes such as these can be stressful but we strive to make the process as effortless while keeping the jobsite clean and orderly as possible.

How SoCal Removal Works With: Private Clients, Corporations And Property Management Firms In Orange County, CA

In our storage facility in Irvine we have the ability to provide our clients with temporary furniture or content storage. SoCal Removal can also rent a portable storage unit for you to be placed on the street or driveway. There are usually countless options for you because we are flexible, reasonable, punctual and respectable people. If you are seeking the lowest price please look elsewhere. Our prices are fair and reasonable so let us earn your business by exceeding your expectations. We currently services several private clients and some of our commercial clients include the South Coast Plaza shopping mall in Costa Mesa, CA and the Irvine Spectrum Center which is in the city of Irvine. SoCal Removal can process your insurance claim for you if you wish. If you wish us to do so we will gladly represent you as your claims adjuster visits to assess the property damage. The adjuster will typically ask to keep the physical part that leaked or broke so they may attempt to collect damages from manufacturers with faulty parts and building materials. We coordinate restoration or repair costs with your adjuster and keep you in the loop. Typically your only out of pocket expense is your deductible which is payable to SoCal Removal. Your insurance carrier will most likely will send you the amount of the entire approved claim by check or electronic transfer minus your deductible amount. If there is a substantial amount of depreciation deducted from your settlement amount to your insurance claim we can assist you in recovering it by providing you with a certificate of completion once the project has been finished.

Where Water Damage Leak Is Coming From In Orange County, CA

Is your home or business flooded and you’re not sure where the leak is coming from? SoCal Removal can assist you in locating a leak or water damage problem before starting the clean-up and dry down process. In more complex projects we will subcontract a professional leak detection company that we have a relationship with that will aid in locating a slab leak. They use special gear which includes the use to sound to locate a leak under your concrete subfloor. If we need to get under your crawl space to locate a drain pipe or supply line leak we will. Sometimes water damage projects do not involve a plumbing leak. In June of 2010 we assisted a contractor with a water spill after a main supply line was left uncapped on the third floor of the Lake Forest, CA Holiday Inn hotel construction site. More often than not we see supply line leaks occur inside a wall cavities frequently. SoCal Removal uses infrared thermal imaging cameras which are manufactured by Flir that will pick up temperature variations to your building materials to assist locate the extent of water damage in each home that we survey. Retain us today so Andre or another project manager can meet with you.

Orange County Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold is part of the fungi family and has been around way before humans. Mold spores are microscopic which means they are invisible to the eye. Most of us have been unknowingly ingesting mold into our bodies since the day we were born by means of inhalation. It generally will affect older individuals, younger infants or the immune compromised first. The question many may ask is what type of mold do we have here and what is the concentration of it in the air. There are several standards and guidelines that should be followed when removing mold from a home or business structure. We seal off and create a negatively pressurized containment in which we work inside while mold removal tasks are conducted. Once properly contained and removed we sterilize the salvageable building materials and properly dispose of unsalvageable items. When we feel the mold has been removed accordingly a third party inspector can conduct air sample clearance testing for home owners and occupants to have peace of mind.

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There Are Five General Principles Socal Removal Will Use In The Remediation Of A Mold Contaminated Property In Orange County, CA

1) Providing safety for workers and occupants: When its determined that an indoor environment is contaminated with mold remediation technicians and occupants shall be protected from exposure. SoCal Removal does this by constructing safety engineering controls and work practices to minimize or stop cross contamination exposure of mold spores during the demolition or remediation process.
2) Obtaining a preliminary assessment of the mold contamination exposure that exists by an outside third party certified mold inspector. (sometimes this step is skipped depending on circumstances)
3) Controlling the contamination as near as possible to its source. Ensuring mold contamination does not continue to spread of grow during the removal process.
4) Physically removing mold contamination is our primary means of remediation. Mold must be be physically removed by following proper procedure and guidelines while conducting remediation tasks inside a home or business place. We do NOT attempt to kill, encapsulate or cover up the mold growth issue.
5) We prevent future contamination or growth in the area we remove mold by solving moisture issues and plumbing related leaks. We also treat and coat the building materials we were able to salvage in efforts to prevent future growth many years down the road.

Why Hire Socal Removal For: Mold Removal & Remediation Services

SoCal Removal will be your point of contact during the remediation and repair process. We won’t run off on you as we are licensed general contractors that are ready and willing to assist in repairs or renovation after a successful remediation process. This is a key component that our past clients have appreciated during more complex projects that deal with mold growth behind kitchen cabinetry or custom fixtures. We run a tight ship and are not a national franchise meaning we are able to provide you with a fair and accurate price to complete the work while keeping occupants as safe as possible during a proper mold removal process. Please feel free to call us for a list of references or so we can listen and better understand your needs and life circumstances.

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