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Are you currently burdened with lead based paint barriers? We are registered by the EPA as a Lead Paint Renovation Contractor to properly remove unwanted lead based paint hazards in the way of renovation or demolition.
The use of Lead in paints was due to its ability to improve color and durability. In 1978, the Consumer Products Safety Commission banned the sale of lead-based paint for residential use. Some of the minor effects that exposure to lead has on humans is high blood pressure, loss of sex drive, physical fatigue. Lead is more hazardous to children and pregnant women. It will cause permanent damage to any individual who inhales or ingests it.
Abajian Enterprise D.B.A. SoCal Removal is owned by Andre Abajian. Every day he continually works to improve his inventory of equipment and tools while maintaining his outreach to quality tradesman throughout Orange County. Abajian Enterprise D.B.A. SoCal Removal is a full service general contractor located in the city of Irvine, CA. Our employed staff currently consists of gentlemen highly experienced in all aspects of Orange County Remodeling, Renovation and New Construction. Andre says he will generally subcontract roofing and HVAC line items in projects but is able to take on the majority of general construction trades such as building custom kitchen cabinetry, drywall repair, painting, windows, tile and flooring. Whether you want us to knock it down or building it up we have affordable options for you. Not only do we have the ability to completely rebuild your home or industrial building, as a California real estate broker Andre Abajian can also help you obtain construction financing, buy, or sell the property. No general contractor project in Southern California is too big or too small.

What’s Involved And What To Expect: Lead Paint Testing

If your home or business was built before 1978 there is a strong likely hood that you may have lead in your home or industrial building. You can consult with a certified inspector for lead or risk assessor to determine if you do in fact have lead in your paint. Most of the time if the lead is not disturbed you should be okay. If the lead contained coating has become friable or going to be disturbed during a remodel or renovation than SoCal Removal can implement the proper steps that should be taken for the safety of building occupants and to prevent potential liability to the property owner. This will help limit liability exposure to the property owner of the construction renovation project.

How Socal Removal Can Properly Handle: Lead Paint Issue In Orange County, CA

Andre has obtained his Lead Paint Renovation certification to be in compliance with the EPA during lead paint removal projects. Lead renovation companies must be recertified by the EPA every 5 years. We understand the risks and apply appropriate measures to minimize them by following proper lead removal protocols. All doors and windows must be closed within 20 feet during exterior lead paint removal and renovation. Our lead removal technicians will wear protective clothing and limit exposure to all occupants in the surrounding area by HEPA Vacuuming and properly using wetting agents.

How Does Socal Removal Handle Lead Renovation? Lead Paint Removal

Lead paint exposure is a serious health hazard to living beings. Many homes and buildings in Orange County were built before 1978 therefore most likely accompanying some or a lot of hazardous lead paint. SoCal Removal properly contains the lead paint concentrated walls and surface areas as well as seals off open windows, vents and doorways as needed. We avoid use of open flame burning or torching. It is all about minimizing and controlling dust. We attach HEPA vacuum suction to the end of our tools and sanders. If we require negative pressurization that can be done with ease as we are also experts at mold and asbestos work. Make sure your next general contractor in Southern California is EPA lead paint certified. You just don’t need the headache in the event you are renovating or remodeling an older home or business.

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