Kitchen and Bath Stone Countertop Replacement

Kitchen and Bath Countertops Offer Endless Renovation Options

Transforming your current kitchen or bathroom into your personal domain can be done within your schedule and budget. Collaborating with Andre Abajian of SoCal Removal on your demolition and renovation project insures working with a project management professional.

For bathroom and kitchen countertop demolitions there are replacement countertop materials to fit every budget. Ranging from astronomically priced quartz and marble to inexpensive laminate, you will certainly find something to satisfy your design plans. Whether you’re renovating a bath or kitchen there are four basic types of materials to choose from. Traditionally, granite and marble, laminate, solid surface, and tile are used. More contemporary options include concrete and recycled glass.

Granite and Marble Are the Most Expensive Renovation Options

When demolishing a bath or kitchen countertop, granite and marble are the most expensive options and require relatively high maintenance. While granite is basically stain-resistant, it has difficulty with grease. If granite is your choice for the kitchen, it must be sealed properly. SoCal Removal will guarantee the use of proper materials and procedures for your renovation job.

The pros for using granite in your demolition project include higher resale value: granite can withstand humidity and damage from hot personal care products. The cons include high price and high energy consumption for its mining. Granite installation is a specialized skill you need SoCal Removal to handle. It is very easy to damage the slab through mishandling. Why risk thousands of dollars?

For marble, the pros include dent and chip resistance as well as the ability to polish to any shine desired. On the con side, marble is prone to stains and scratches. Cultured marble is easy to clean but is also unforgiving. Whatever you do, do not scratch it as it cannot be refinished. Andre will bring this up as a discussion point when planning your bath or kitchen renovation.

Laminate is the Least Expensive Way to Renovate Your Countertops

At the opposite end of the cost spectrum from granite and marble is laminate. This is no longer your Grandmother’s and should be considered as an inexpensive material to renovate the bathroom or kitchen countertops.

There is the old adage that you get what you pay for and this is true with laminate. The major pro to the material is the price followed with ease of installation. The cons are that laminate does not age well and there is no way to repair damage to the countertop. SoCal Removal would recommend it for a first time buyer or rental property.


Solid Surface Use in Countertop Demolition and Renovation

The names are more familiar than “solid state” and include Corian, Formica and Gibraltar. Moderately priced, the material is perhaps better suited for a bath renovation than a kitchen. Minor scratches and burns can generally be repaired with sandpaper. Falling heavy objects and damage from intense heat make it less desirable for a kitchen renovation but excellent for most bathroom countertop remodels.

It ‘s no secret solid surface countertops require professional installation. As a licensed General Contractor, SoCal Removal has years of experience in renovating your bath or kitchen with solid surface countertops. With the numerous colors and manufacturers, Andre will help you in the selection process for the countertop renovation of your kitchen or bath.

Is Tile Still Relevant for Your Counter Renovation?

A majority of Southern California homes have glazed tile for both the kitchen and bath countertops. While resistant to heat, scratches and moisture, over time the grout becomes downright gross with mildew and dirt. Today’s sealers have improved and limit these disgusting growths and should be considered in the renovation process. As with all of the materials discussed, the selection is almost numbing.

Tile also has the wonderful advantage of customization. Patterns can be laid out by you to insure your personal touch is added to the bathroom and kitchen counters during the renovation process.

Countertop material is an expensive investment. Making the wrong decision could result in a major payout. Measurements must be done properly and the product must be handled with the utmost respect to prevent damage and to insure the project is completed on time and budget.

SoCal Removal will be there throughout the entire countertop renovation process. Give Andre Abajian a call at 949-446-0000. He loves to discuss every aspect of every remodel.

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