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Orange County General Contractor Services

Abajian Enterprise D.B.A. SoCal Removal is a full service general construction company ready to serve property owners & management companies in the Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area. We have been directly involved and contracted to work in over 300 renovation & remodel projects in Orange County successfully over the years and strongly look forward to assisting you with your general contracting needs. Whether you require or desire low cost functional fixtures and flooring (for rental or investment properties) or high end imported Italian building materials and cabinetry we will gladly assist you with obtaining and installing correctly as needed. Our Services: Drywall Repair, demolition, excavation, interior & exterior painting, flooring or all kinds such as carpet or hardwood & tile, countertops, cabinetry custom (made by us) or prebuilt, lighting fixtures, tile or tub showers, plumbing and more. Contact us to see if we are a right fit for you.

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How Abajian Enterprise D.B.A. SoCal Removal Handles: General Contractor Services

Every construction project starts with a friendly conversation and a meeting of the minds. We thoroughly evaluate the job site to determine the steps required to accomplish tasks that are required to complete the goals. We create a detailed estimate on the costs involved to complete the project and e-mail it to you in a timely fashion. We set expectations on workmanship as well as job start and finish time frames on our property improvement contracts. We work diligently and efficiently to complete the task on time while maintaining customer satisfaction throughout the process. We listen to your needs and desires while always ready and willing to adapt and be flexible to your reasonable requests & demands.

What’s Involved And What You Can Expect: Hiring A Reputable General Contractor In Orange County, CA

There are thousands of licensed, bonded & insured contractors in Southern California. Often a critical part of a property owners is hiring a reputable contractor that is ready, willing and able to go to work for you. The wrong contractor has the ability to cause grief or delay to the most simplistic project. You can expect us to be your one point of contact throughout the several potential phases of a particular project. If you require interior or structural design we can refer you to local architects or engineers ready and willing to help depending on the project type. Whether you prefer to discuss objectives on the job site or in one of our offices we will ask questions and we listen.

Why Hire Abajian Enterprise D.B.A. SoCal Removal For Your General Construction Needs?

Experience when you need it most. One of the biggest mistakes we see contractors make is knocking down walls or disrupting fixtures without checking for asbestos or lead paint hazards in older homes or properties. In California, it is absolutely illegal and unethical for general contractors to perform any risk assessment of such hazardous materials as it is also unhealthy to existing and future building occupants that may reside there if disturbed. We have seen countless contractors rush the start of a project to easily contaminate the indoor air quality of the unit due to not taking the appropriate steps such as obtaining an asbestos & lead paint survey by a California licensed industrial hygienist, certified asbestos consultant, or a certified site surveillance technician. If a contractor obtains asbestos or lead paint samples they can only be used for his own purposes such as for the safety of himself or his own construction workers. It’s knowledge and experience such as this that prevents hold ups and frustrations while hiring us. Meet with us or give us a call so we can discuss further.

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