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Here is a prime example of a typical Orange County fire damage incident which would typically require a C21 demolition contractor to  break up the entire structure and haul it away.  SoCal Removal is a licensed and dependable C-21 Building Demolition Contractor in Irvine, CA.  These photos were taken sometime in 2012 in the city of Yorba Linda off of Lakeview Avenue.  Shortly after a kitchen fire caused this home to be unrecoverable we arrived to assess the damage.  The size of damage which took place created an insurance claim considered to be classified as a total loss.  This means that the entire building will need to be removed and replaced as needed.  A project such as this can range from 6-10 months to complete depending on the complexity of fire damage repair.

SoCal Removal is a licensed California General building and framing contractor that can repair or rebuild a structure after the event of a fire.  Smoke odors and damage cause indoor air quality concerns.  For minor fire damage projects, Andre Abajian and the team can easily implement ozone generation while scrubbing the air and physically wiping down all the surface areas as needed.  When dealing with a total structure demolition, wetting techniques are used to control dust and debris from spreading to neighboring properties, especially fire damage repair Irvine.

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