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It’s every homeowner’s resale dream to pull away the lime green carpet and discover beautiful hardwood flooring. A few rounds with the sander and the hardwood floor is back to its original glory. However, these finds are rare, especially in newer Southern California developments. Andre Abajian, owner of SoCal Removal, can present you with many flooring alternatives. Andre will help you find the perfect material and style while staying within your budget and schedule.

The Look of Wood Without the Expense

Wood flooring cost is most definitely upper-end. Luckily, many contemporary flooring materials have been created to look like hardwood. As a renovation expert, SoCal Removal will be happy to discuss the advantage of each. If you want the hardwood appearance throughout, tile with the look of hardwood is recommended for areas with plumbing such as the bath and kitchen. Andre, certified in water damage restoration, has seen far too many expensive hardwood floors destroyed by a water leak. His recommendation of the use of tile in these areas has never wavered.

Another possibility is laminate. Less expensive and with a wide selection of colors, laminate is a great alternative for living areas.

Laminate: A Great Alternative to More Expensive Materials

Laminate is a great imitator. It has a chameleon-like characteristic, taking on the look of much more expensive flooring types such hardwood and tile at a fraction of the cost.

Perfect as a low cost alternative, laminate has a number of advantages as SoCal Removal points out. In addition to a low price point, the material doesn’t fade and the installation cost is reduced since it generally can be installed over existing flooring.

There are still challenges however when working with laminate.  First, moisture is its greatest enemy and before installation the concrete flooring must be dry.  The suggestion is up to 60 days of cure time prior to installation.

Even more critical is to insure the flooring is level. A licensed contractor like Andre will insure there are be no bumps or imperfections.

Concrete: A New Flooring Trend

For a contemporary look, concrete floors in the home may be the top choice. Polished concrete floors pros and cons are similar to the ones noted with laminate.

The pros include its low cost, style varieties, and sustainability. The estimated cost of polished concrete floors is about half the cost of hardwood. There are innumerable stains available which account for its wide selection and price variances.

The cons demonstrate why a professional such as Andre Abajian should be called upon to do the work. Just as with laminate, prior to staining moisture must be all but eliminated.  Proper personal protective equipment must be used along with proper ventilation.  From a quality of life perspective, be aware that concrete flooring echoes loudly and there is nothing to break a fall which could lead to injury.

Experience With All Flooring Materials

SoCal Removal stays abreast of the latest flooring trends and has years of experience with the remediation and installation of any type of flooring. A decade of experience has been built on the successful, clean installation of hardwood, tile, laminate and stone materials.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for affordable flooring or seeking high-end marble, slate, bamboo or quartz, SoCal Removal will do the best possible job. Andre Abajian will be most happy to discuss flooring design and cost with you.
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