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Andre Abajian is living almost every little boy’s dream. After all, who hasn’t wanted to demolish a building or a pool? The loud hum of the heavy equipment, the thunderous sounds of the jack hammer and finally the demolition itself, keeps the heart of this second generation contractor pumping. As a Licensed General Contractor, Andre operates SoCal Removal and is in the process of completing the biggest demolition of his career. In Yorba Linda, SoCal Removalis working with the city and historical societies to salvage and demolish seven units. Obviously your project will not be of the same magnitude, but there are many instances when you may need to demolish an interior or exterior structure. Recreating baths and kitchens, removing pools and spas are typical jobs undertaken by SoCal Removal.

Demolition Requires Knowledge of City Codes & Permits

The guts of your home can be a dangerous place so safety is the utmost concern when demolishing a building or interior structure. Gas lines, sewer pipes and buried cables run throughout. Damage to an electrical line or water pipe can cause a fire or flood to occur. Obviously such catastrophes must be avoided; consequently the development of the city permit process. Each city has its individual guidelines which must be followed to the letter. Failure to do so can have serious financial consequences. Knowing the dangers within the room is critical to insure proper abatement. In 2013 another local demolition company was fined $180,000 for improper asbestos handling. With SoCal Removal that will never occur. We are certified in asbestos abatement and will insure all hazardous material is properly disposed of during the demolition process. The specific requirements of Cal-OSHA and the city are researched for the project. The resources required are selected and managed by SoCal Removal. We will insure any Specialist required will be available to satisfy any regulatory requirement.

Each Project Requires Specialized Equipment

Obviously the equipment Andre’s team is using on the Yorba Linda project is not appropriate for demolishing the bathroom you have always hated. The good news is SoCal Removal has a history in the area (Andre was born here) and access to a wide array of equipment. We pride ourselves in our relationships with local businesses and generally have the machinery on site in 24 hours. Our network enables us to insure that we start the project on time with the proper resources. Our ethical business practices have allowed us to negotiate some unbelievable rates. Obviously that is wonderful news when it comes to the total project cost. Whether your project requires a backhoe, tractor or even a massive excavator SoCal Removal will have it on site, on schedule and on budget. It is all part of the project management aspect SoCal Removal prides itself on.

SoCal Removal and Demolition Project Management

Clients rely on SoCal Removal to have the experience, the network and resources to handle the demolition from start to finish. Andre takes the responsibility seriously. The numerous certifications earned by the organization demonstrate the dedication and ability to tackle any unknown that may occur during the demolition process. There is no doubt surprises will occur. Andre is well aware of the fact and is prepared to meet them head on. The Team is well aware of the proper disposable methods for any hazardous material that may be discovered. Let SoCal Removal handle the entire Team. They speak the same language and have a history with each individual.

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Selecting SoCal Removal is Based On the Following:

  • As a second generation business owner in the OC they are committed
  • Have access to all of the necessary equipment generally within 24 hours
  • Have the necessary certifications to handle any issues which may arise
  • Excellent project management skills

If you are planning to demolish the 1990 pool, addition, kitchen or bath contact Andre. He will be happy to walk you through the process answering any questions you may have. Andre and SoCal Removal can be reached at 949-446-0000. Andre will personally respond to your call. Follow the process on the Yorba Linda demolition here….

Check out the Yorba Linda Town Center Demolition Project

SoCal Removal and the demolition of aging Orange County water tanks

Andre Abajian, owner of SoCal Removal has developed a niche in Orange County, CA.  It all began with a contract with the Yorba Linda Water District.  The project involved the demolition of a unique city block of historic homes.  Interestingly, the Yorba Linda Town Center demolition was originated by the Yorba Linda Water District due to the sewer line lateral caps.  Through completion of this project, SoCal Removal became one of the most experienced experts in the demolition and salvage of historic homes within Southern California.

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